Smart Ghost Hunting Solutions For You

Ghost hunting process has several means of progression. Each completion of the steps grants you character experience as well as money. These two data are important to be able to unlock new equipment and face new difficulties.

Experience And Levels

For each objective completed during a ghost hunting contract, the ghost hunters will earn experience for their character. This experience allows you to level up and unlock both new contracts and equipment.

Note that unlocked equipment is not acquired. You will still need to purchase it from the Item Shop and add it to your inventory before a game starts.

One of the great peculiarities of ghost hunting is its voice recognition. For greater immersion, it is recommended to play the game without external tools.

The tools are there that automatically detect the sound of your microphone (if it is correctly configured). Two discussion channels are available:

Close chat, which allows you to hear and talk to players near your location (and with spatialization).

Ghosts can react to your words. If you have a K2 meter with sound, they can even answer you. In particular, there are many phrases that can be spoken in the game. With the best tools such as these, the ghost hunting process will be perfect for you now.


The Spiritpod is like a small radio. The latter allows you to “chat” with the ghost of the level, provided that the latter answers it.

How to identify a ghost

Generally speaking, a ghost will always hear your chats, whether you have a spirit pod or not. Using the Spirit pod only lets you know if the mind is responding to the object. To do this, take the Spirit pod, and ask one of the many questions provided in the game. If the ghost answers you, you can add the Spirit podto the evidence in your journal. Now that a number of stores in UK are coming up with their tools and equipment for catching or recording the spirits, you can have the best use of the same. Just check in to the online stores and choose the equipment you need now.You can now click here  to find the right equipment.

Freezing temperature

The ghost hunting process provides you with a thermometer (buyable in the shop). The latter allows you to locate the position of the phantom according to the temperature of the room.

As soon as the temperature begins to drop sharply, you can guess the position of the level’s ghost. If the temperature drops enough, you will observe your character’s breathing as a mist. This signifies a freezing temperature which can be recorded in your journal to identify the ghost. The thermometer is therefore not compulsory to detect a freezing temperature. Above all, it will help you find the position of the ghost.

How to identify a ghost

If the ghost reacts and draws in the book, you can add “ghostly scriptures” to the evidence in your journal. Be careful, however, some ghosts can take long minutes to react to the book. However, it is possible to interact with them orally to tell them to use it.