Selecting Accessories for Different Wedding Dress Necklines

You should look nothing short of exceptionally good on your wedding day. You would not want to have wedding photos that have you look like a hurried bride who did not consider her look on the biggest day of her romantic life. Jewelry is among your wedding day’s essentials. This is not the one you have somewhere in your closet for all occasions but preferably one that matches your wedding dress.

This means going for shopping for new gemstones at a Salt Lake City-based jewelry store. While most brides match their choice of jewelry to their wedding dress’s color, you should also consider the neckline of your dress. Most people will, after all, focus their attention on your face, and accessorizing according to your neckline style is thus essential. The following are some pointers to ease your accessorizing of different wedding gown necklines.

V Necklines

This is a formal and classy alternative that works virtually for all brides. Delicate necklaces with pendants that hang just below your neck are the best choices so that you do not draw attention away from the dress. If you are intent on a romantic and chic look, opt for layered necklaces, while for a trendy style that flatters your collarbone, settle for a choker. Dangling earrings are the perfect complements for neckline wedding gowns. Even so, be mindful of their length. You want earrings that end just above your neck so that they do not graze it or get entangled in your gown’s delicate fabric.

Halter Necklines

While this is a universally flattering neckline for brides, the addition of a necklace on it will be a major fashion faux pas. The neckline is after all decorative enough. You should instead focus on your face and pick a tiara or floral crown and mid-sized statement earrings to stand out. Since you have negated any sparkle around your neck, make up for this with a pearl or diamond bracelet. Either accessory can add some shine to your look.

Sweetheart Neckline

This is perhaps the most versatile choice for wedding dresses. It can handle all types of necklaces ranging from bejeweled chunky bibs to collar necklaces made of a certain kind of metal. However, if you do not like necklaces, opt for statement earrings. This would be something that stands out like wing-shaped earrings or those with multiple stones. Wearing both earrings and necklaces is often too excessive for a sweetheart neckline and might leave you looking overdone.

Strapless Neckline

With this, you have a decent exposed skin amount to work with. With this neckline, opt for bold and elegant pieces that will cover your entire neckline. In this case, the necklace should lie halfway between your collarbone and neckline to avoid looking unbalanced. You can pair this necklace with simple drop diamond earrings so that your look is not “busy.”

Choosing a wedding day look is often overwhelming. With the guidelines mentioned above, you will now have an easy time picking a specific appearance. The ideal choice is picking your wedding gown first, then trying the ideal accessories that will suit it rather than choosing the jewelry first.

Meta Title: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Wedding Dress Necklines

Meta Description: Jewelry is essential for a perfect bridal look. When selecting your gown, ensure to consider the neckline, as it will influence the jewelry you can wear.