Secrets To Wear Traditional Sarees With A Western Look

Keep your confidence and standards always high no matter what others keep the opinion for you. If your heart is saying denim wear denim with your own style pinch and if says Harley, ride it like a boss.

There is actually a motto behind such a lecture. Most of the people nowadays love to western clothes but there are times when the situation demands extremely traditional such as a wedding. In a wedding occasion, certainly, you can’t go wearing ripped jeans and shirt. It won’t lend you the right glam required by the moment. People wear printed sarees or designer sarees to spiff up the moment.

But this time, we find out the way to look as scintillating as a diva with western as well as Indian traditional fashion. We happen to bring saree with an extremely transforming twist with western style.

Shirt Style Blouse

How about wearing a pretty shirt style blouse instead of the same old traditional blouse? They are easy to wear and the greatest advantageous part is they are not so tight fit and thus, comfortable with front buttons which you can handle easily. Now experience the royal drape but with a little twist of shirt style blouse and get oodles of compliments from everywhere.

You can wear printed sarees with solid coloured shirt style blouse and rock the outfit with no-jewellery and nude makeup look.

Adorn A Jacket Over

Be it a denim jacket or a traditional long jacket, both of these kinds has never been thought of wearing with sarees. This time, change the fashion rules for your own sake and look like a diva in no time. Adorn a long or short jacket over a saree and look bossy like you are. Capture instant glances from your peers and friends by keeping the jacket pattern or design simple yet comfortable overall.

Make sure the jacket isn’t overburdened with poms poms or embellishments or sparkles or any kind of extra detailing.

Belt Is Just Fine

A traditional belt just looks fine when worn with jeans or even with a skirt. Remember school skirts!?

But have you tried out Kasavu sarees with modern belts? If not, try it now and you will understand the real meaning of excitement and if you have already tried it, this time twist the look with a corset belt. I’m 101% sure of this being new for you!

A New Draping Style

It doesn’t have to be always over the shoulders and can be draped around the neck like a shawl or can take the pallu inside of the blouse as well. The ways are many; you just have to experiment a little more to grab the attention.

Shoes Instead Of Sandals

You may have tried traditional heels, sandals and even western heels but have you tried oxford shoes or espadrilles or brogue shoes with sarees? This time, wear Kasavu sarees and rock the look in matte coloured shoes.