Rule and Benefits of Adorning Gold Jewellery

Indian women love adorning gold accessories. Many wear these jewellery pieces regularly, in the form of sleek chains, rings, or gold kada. Indian households even purchase gold as part of their investment strategies.

According to ancient Hindu tales, gold is an auspicious and opportune metal that brings more prosperity, luck, health, etc. However, there are rules of wearing this precious metal. Adhering to these guidelines will augment the benefits provided by it.

Rules of wearing gold jewellery

  1. If a person is suffering from cold and cough for long, often wearing gold in his/her little finger proves effective.
  2. Not being able to concentrate and getting distracted easily are some common problems that people experience in their regular life. Adorning a gold ring on the index finger can solve such issues.
  3. In today’s hectic life, marriages often experience bumps where the couple is discontent with each other. In such cases, wearing a gold kada on either of their hands will help in bringing back the intimacy between husbands and wives. Wearing a gold chain around the neck also helps in situations like these.
  4. If a woman is facing issues while trying to conceive, gold on her ring finger might help her.
  5. It is said by many that seeing gold or money in dream is not good for health as it indicates diseases concerning your skin.
  6. One must store gold in lockers or safe that sits in the southwest or eastern direction. Also, keep gold ornaments wrapped in red cloth or paper.
  7. Some zodiac signs for whom gold are auspicious are Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. While it has mixed results in cases of Pisces and Scorpio, gold sometimes create problems for Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn, and Libra.

There are specific instances where one must avoid wearing or purchasing gold jewellery like:

  • People with health problems such as obesity and indigestion may avoid wearing gold accessories.
  • Pregnant women are also advised to keep their distance from this metal.
  • Women should also avoid gold anklets and waistbands.

Following the guidelines stated above can bring numerous benefits to both men and women. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Gold contains spiritual powers that have the ability to bring peace, stability, and happiness in one’s life.
  2. This exquisite metal has sacred power. It is established in the mythological texts of various countries including India, China, and Persia. Gold unlocks the Ajna Chakra and helps in removing evils through its protective powers.
  3. Gold rings are said to attract godly consciousness that have the ability to remove obstacles from one’s paths. It stimulates good luck concerning career and family.
  4. As per astrological science, gold is significantly related to all the planets in this universe. Thus, astrologers strongly believe that gold is a sign of royalty and prosperity.
  5. Wearing a gold kada attracts prosperity and good luck in abundance.

Gold has been a sign of social status and financial stability since ancient times. It is considered equally essential in the modern days as well.