Reasons Why The Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Is Getting More Popular

Nowadays, you can find different massage chairs at almost anywhere in the world. In some countries, it is quite likely that you’ll encounter a massage chair area in different places like the mall or the airport. Although most people are content with these lined up massage chairs for quick physical relief, there’s only so much more you can do if you have a similar massage chair at the comfort of your home.

There are plenty of massage chairs in Florida with various features and specifications, but one that truly stands out is the Titan Pro Jupiter XL. See what all the people are raving about this particular model and why it’s becoming even more popular by the second. Here are the reasons why the Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair might be the one for you.

  • It’s Designed For Taller And Larger Clients

Most massage chairs come in a standard size that fits the average person’s built and height. While it isn’t commonly an issue, it can be with a client that’s taller or larger in build. That is where the Titan Pro Jupiter XL comes in and saves all those who barely fits a regular massage chair. This massage chair can accommodate clients up to 6’6” tall, and it also comes with a wider seat. Thanks to this generous design, more people can enjoy using the chair without feeling tight or cramped.

  • It’s Equipped With Body Scanning

Not all chairs intended for massages are equipped with body scanning technology, but the Titan Pro Jupiter XL is. Alongside the 3D L-Track, the body scanning feature allows the massage rollers to refer to the user’s spine and thigh shape when sitting. It also delivers varying depths of massages to better get the knots out of deep muscles.

  • The Foot Massager Comes With Dual Action

Unlike other chairs, the Titan Pro Jupiter XL comes with a foot massager with dual action. This means your feet and calves not only are comfortably tucked into the ottoman portion of the chair, but they are also in for a great dual-action foot massage. This particular massage chair uses airbags to press down on the user’s feet and calves while the rollers focus on the pressure points of the feet.

  • While Large, It’s Still A Space Saver

Most people hesitate to buy a massage chair because of its bulk, but that shouldn’t be a problem anymore with the Titan Pro Jupiter XL. Thanks to its unique space saver design, you can keep the chair anywhere in your home without taking up too much space.

  • There Are Six Air Massaging Options

When you check out the Titan Pro Jupiter XL from The Modern Back website, you’ll be amazed to learn more about the chair’s unique air massaging features. There air massage features specifically for the head, hip, arm, outer shoulder, as well as for the foot and calf.

Final Word

There are plenty more reasons to love the Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair, such as the fact that you can get it at a lower price from The Modern Back. Consider visiting the website to see whether this chair suits your needs exactly.