Reasons Why Handmade Quilts Never Go Out of Style

Originality has a tendency to win out over factory-made items. Some people would rather have a unique quilt that stands out from the rest. There are several reasons why handmade quilts may be better.

They Tell a Story

Handmade quilts are often fashioned in a traditional manner. They can tell a story of generations of families that came before. The person who made it may have been a wife, mother or grandmother. Images of animals and unique designs have been stitched into the fabric with love and meaning in mind. Stories of farm and family life, nature and other stories are hidden away waiting to be discovered by someone who deserves to experience the quilt’s history

Decorative Aspects

Experiment with hanging the quilt on the living room wall for a great conversation starter among friends and family. It’s a puzzle to decipher the story of the maker. Match beautiful, fashionable colors against the magnificent wall. The right room can bring out the best in the perfect quilt. Geometric patterns and even quilts with compasses can provide uniqueness to a drab or dull room.

Warmth and Comfort

An extra large quilt is comfortable and warm on stormy nights and winter days of ice and snow. Snuggle into it and let it’s loving embrace engulf the person who chose to lay within. Bright mornings of sunshine may make someone never want to leave the bedroom. Walk into the room with the afternoon sun shining on the quilt and gaze down at it in wonder and awe for its unique beauty.

Long Lasting and Durable

Some quilts have taken hundreds of hours to stitch with needle, thimble and thread by hand. Someone put thousands of stitches of hard work into the making of it. They’re a durable family heirloom to last generations. Consider quilts for sale where they’ve been crafted with quality.

Uniqueness and Originality

The unconventionality and uniqueness of handmade designs compared to those made in a factory cannot be ignored. The difference is obvious to anyone who takes a look at an item made with originality in mind. The maker likely came from generations of quilters. They know the ins and outs of sewing and fabrics. Designs to choose from include starbursts, hearts and diamonds. Sunflowers dot the landscape of one while cute, colorful apple cores sprawl another. Northern lights spread afar and fence rails close around a star. 

Home and Holidays

Christmas brings a special quilt for the holidays with stars on it in pretty colors. Pick a floral design or pastel colored blanket for Easter. It could even make a good gift for a best friend or family member. 

Quilt lovers know how it feels to buy that quilt that just fits their personality and style. The right quilt can have a hold over its owner and never let go. Take good care of it and it will last through generations of happy family memories.