Proven ways for Diamond test at home

Having a diamond is considered as a status symbol, and more importantly, plenty of memories are associated with it as in some cases it is often gifted or is a family heirloom that has been passed on.  It is considered one of the strongest materials, and for its crafting, extreme precision and accuracy are required. If one has such precious stones at home and want to know whether want to inspect whether it is a real or fake, then there are some proven ways to test the diamond at home itself.

Things to know about before starting the tests

Before one starts the diamond test at home, it is vital to know about the mounted diamonds and loose diamonds because the tests, as well as the understanding of the diamond, can change based on it.  It is a much easier process to test the diamond that hasn’t been set in a mounting as it has been noted that the mounted diamonds can sometimes hide the certain cracks and flaws. Mounted Diamonds have the tendency to reflect the light into the diamond due to which only a jeweller can assess its quality.  If one has a doubt regarding the authenticity of stone and wants to get it thoroughly inspected, then the jeweller can be requested to remove the stone so you can check the diamond for its authenticity.

It is often a misconception that there is no difference in the sight of real and fake diamonds. Fake diamonds tend to lose the texture, shine, brilliance and will start appearing as damaged over a certain period of time.

Some At-Home Diamond tests

Testing of one’s diamond jewelry for the authenticity can be done at home by these few measures

  • Water: – Fill a glass with water and drop the diamond in it. Diamond is a high-density substance and will sink if it is real. If the diamond floats at the middle or top, then it is a fake one.

  • Magnifying Glass: – By looking at the diamond with a magnifying glass, imperfections can be found. If there are imperfections, then the diamond is real. If not, then it is a fake. However, it is to be noted that diamonds crafted in a lab in a controlled environment are made to perfection and are devoid of any imperfections.

  • Fog: – You are required to place the stone in front of your mouth and to breathe on it, creating a fog. It is to be noted that the real diamond will not fog up easily and if it is seen that the diamond remains fogged, it is probably a fake one.

These are few of the proven ways to ensure the authenticity of your diamond, and if still, doubts arise regarding it, then a professional jeweller should be contacted regarding it as the diamond expert would have the proper knowledge, experience as well as the equipment for confirmation. Higher end tester can also be bought for a home test.