Pro Tips for Aspiring Fashion Stylists

If you enjoy dressing other people, you should at least get paid for it. If you want to pursue this, you should consider a career in fashion styling. As a stylist, you get to share your vision with other people and make it a reality. Essentially, your job is to develop a uniquely personal look to help people build greater self-confidence.

This sounds noble but how do you get there? To become a fashion stylist, here are some tips from professionals:

Consider going to school

You should aim to get proper training from Leading Fashion Stylists Australia. Although there are no requirements in the field of styling, being knowledgeable in this industry will jumpstart your career. Many aspiring stylists consider self-taught programs over structured educational programs but if you want to make an edge, you have to learn from professionals that actually work in the industry.

If you consider enrolling, you can either choose a two-year associate degree program or a shorter certificate/diploma program. As much as possible, you should take special programs in clothing, fashion retailing, merchandising, and fashion show production.

When you are ready, you should look for schools Producing World Leading Fashion Stylists. This is an excellent way to expand your network and meet fellow aspirants. In the end, school programs can help you get noticed.

Be on the lookout for the latest trends

It is crucial that you keep up with the latest looks and trends. Remember that clients will depend on you to know what’s trendy and new. This way, you can identify what trends will work for them.

You need to show to potential clients and mentors that you are serious about this career. If you are always on the lookout for the latest trends, you will gain the knowledge necessary to help people improve their style. Try reading fashion magazines and checking designer collections online as a start. You should also spend time reading blogs.

Start building your styling portfolio

If you are seeking new clients, a portfolio is crucial. Your styling portfolio will showcase your work. In the end, this will demonstrate your collection so potential clients can get a sense of what you can do for them.

Creating a portfolio should start even before you land an internship or any real work. Once you are decided, you should start taking photographs of the looks that you carefully crafted. You can maximise state-of-the-art technology to create a portfolio in digital form. It is wise to always keep a copy to show potential clients at a moment’s notice.

Think about getting an internship

As with anything, your experience will help you demonstrate your capabilities to an employer. In the case of fashion styling, gaining actual work experience is through an internship. The best thing to do is to find a stylist near you who is willing to take you as an intern or assistant.

Aside from giving you invaluable learning experience, an internship is beneficial in helping you develop connections. Networking can later help you branch out if you decide to do it alone. If you cannot find a stylist to work with, your next option is an internship with a photographer or fashion magazine.