Private Distribution as a New Trend for Swiss Watch Brands

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While 20 years ago, the shops in their own names or mono-brands were an exception, a kind of showcase for big brands, to promote their products in the best way, today it became the l one of the main axes of development in watchmaking and a place where you can buy a watch. We will therefore return to this trend, discover the purpose of the distribution of own watches and especially which are the most active watchmakers in this area.

Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer or Swatch, today it is no longer rare to see major watch brands offer their models in their own stores (flagships, corners) or in independent shops, but monobrand.

Why? Simply because there are many advantages in this type of distribution that we will see in the paragraphs below. However, the distribution itself is not necessarily a panacea because it will have some disadvantages.

A Direct Relationship with the Customer

Without a doubt, one of the most positive aspects of the live distribution of its brand in its own stores is the fact of having a direct relationship with the final clientele. Indeed, for a brand, approaching the consumer as close as possible is often crucial. The branded shops will thus allow to better know the tastes according to the countries and one can traced more easily the remarks of the customers on this or that model.

In China, for example, it is almost an obligation to have a single-brand store, because Chinese customers largely prefer this type of reseller rather than multi-brand.

Control of Watch Marketing and Sales Strategy

Having your own store is also and above all many advantages on the marketing and commercial side. Indeed, the marketing side, the brand can put before his image via a store that represents the identity of the brand, as do for example Omega, Breitling or IWC. It is also very useful to communicate on the values ​​of its brand.

There will also be a homogeneity of design anywhere in the world, with the same colors, the same furniture and the same ambiances. Like this, the customer does not feel disturbed and can identify easily with a brand according to his passions and his character.

There is also a real plus on the commercial and marketing side, a store in own allows to have salesmen who know the history of the house and its various products. They are not likely to bring the customer to other competing products.

Finally, the brand will be able to highlight these products through its communication, product placement or instructions to sellers.

Increase Margins

Of course, by removing one or more intermediaries (the reseller and sometimes the wholesaler), it is possible for watch companies to significantly increase their margins. Indeed, even if brands will have new expenses (rents and layout of shops, communication and staff costs), they will also recover the margins of the shops.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to having your own brand network. The first point is that developing shops are very expensive and therefore we cannot open as quickly as if we use resellers. Brands cannot also open flagships or even corners in any city.

Brands that Have their Selective Networks

Today, having your own distribution network is essential for a brand. Indeed, in some countries such as China or India, having own shops is almost mandatory, because the Chinese prefer to buy in such places.

Watchmakers with their own networks settle mainly in big cities, in prestigious places or at international airports. There are several types of shops such as flagships of several hundred square meters, the intermediate store of several tens of square meters or the corner of 10 square meters.

Among the brands that commonly have a selective distribution are Omega, Tag Heuer, Blancpain, Tissot, Swatch, Piaget, Breitling, IWC, Zenith, etc.

Private Sales Websites

While general private sales sites were not very present on this market a few years ago, they have grown more and more particularly the leader of the Private Sales sector. In particular, there are entry-level watches and fashion brands, as well as discount vouchers in beautiful watch shops that will allow you to acquire more up-to-date timepieces. In any case, you will easily find your watches cheaper on this type of sites.