Power To Fit/Fashion, It’s All Good!

we are now living in a time where fitness is everywhere, it’s on TV, Internet, and definitely a New Year’s Resolution every year! We go and sign up with the most credited gyms with great promotions going and get our protein shakes and power bars ready!Finding ways to utilize the workout machines to get maximum results have been created. I’ve seen people do all kinds of workout tricks on them! The gyms are adding heavier weights for strong, and resistance bands for the “get in shapers”. I have come to find that, not only has the gyms improved, but so has the fitness fashion world, it should have its own run-way show.

Companies like Tone Fitness gearhavedefinitely changed the game! The athletic-fitness clothing has become a fashion style all on its own, people actually wear it when they’re not even going out to the gym or working out at all. Lots of brands and styles to not only make people feel good but look good(sweating in style has never looked so drenching). They even up came with a lounge clothing line that has a fitness appeal too it.

There is a variety of clothing types, there is some for Yoga(allowing comfort while stretching), cardio (helps sweat more to burn more calories), cold-weather(be able to sustain a good temp while outside), Athletic training( be able to move freely without restriction from clothing), and the list goes on. And let’s not forget about the socks! They are also made to cater to different types of fitness. You can shop just about anywhere for active wear, literally anywhere! Waist trainers while working out has also been a big deal. It states that it helps burn more belly and waist fat when doing cardio. It is kind of like wearing the old sweat suits that used to be popular back in the day(looked like trash bags), that would get your whole body to sweat off excess water/ fat that you retained.

I have seen people also wear long sleeve shirts while running or walking on a treadmill at a fast pace to help burn more calories as well. Most clothing also cater to the plus sizes as well, so they too can feel a little bit more comfortable and not always having to wear uncomfortable clothing that is either a little too tight or too baggy, it is very hard to work out at your max that way, (Trust me I know, three squats and ready to call it quits)!

I do believe that wearing more stylish and comfortable fitness clothing, does put a little fire under wanting to get fit. We all know that wearing nice clothing makes us feel good, it would help boost your confidence just a little more to get in there and give your all. It does play a big role in today’s society.