Pick the Best Bedsheet for a Good Night’s Sleep

More than the comfy bed in an air-conditioned room, nothing else affects our sleeping habits than our bedsheets. Every time I visit some of the online shopping websites in Singapore searching for the best bedsheets that will help me put to a good night sleep, I always look for a set that adds to the interior design of my home but also has an amazing texture that relaxes my body and hugs me to sleep.

One of the things I’ve learned about bedsheets in Singapore is that you have to have the right textile material and fabric type. I always thought that we can use any types of plain cloth and combine some color combination to make an excellent bedsheet. But little did most people know is that sleeping on a wrong type of bedsheet has negative effects such as skin problems and sleeping disorders.Since then, I have always been so choosy when it comes to picking the right bedsheet.

Let me help you in choosing the right bedding for your sleeping fortress. Here are some of the types of fabrics and textile for bedsheets that can be found online, and how it affects your power nap.

  1. Synthetic Fabrics – Never go for cheap polyester bedding ever. These synthetic fabrics are designed to imitate satin and, I’m telling you, it’s not really giving any justice at all. Although it’s affordable and can certainly give your bedroom a nice look on a cheap price, it’s uncomfortable and it doesn’t last long.

  1. Satin – Oh, who doesn’t want to feel elegant and luxurious when lying on their beds? Satin sheets are like made for princesses and queens. It’s one of the most popular choices when you search for bedsheet on online shopping websites in Singapore.Although not everyone is attracted to a satin beauty; some people may find it too slippery and slithering.But once you lather the sheets on your skin, you’ll feel like a queen bathing on pure milk. The downside, though, is that it cannot be used during a humid weather, because it will make you feel so warm. Satin sheets are better to be used on an air conditioned room or a well-ventilated bedroom.

  1. Cotton – It’s still the best option. Cotton-based bedsheets are still the most comfortable of all. From its smooth, soft texture, up to its stylish and breathable weight, you are sure to enjoy being tucked under the covers. I like how cotton sheets work on any weather. You won’t get too hot during summer, and it keeps you warm enough during winter. If you live in Singapore, you see some bedsheet online that’s made of cotton but also combined with other materials, which makes it more effective. For instance, there’s a cotton sateen bedsheet that gives the comfort of cotton and the elegance of satin.

There are a lot of quality bedsheets that can be found online. I just did a couple of digging to find the best style that goes with my taste. But you always have to remember that choosing the right materials for your bedsheet is very important for a good night’s sleep!