Pearl Jewelry is the Best Wedding Gift by Family to a Bride

Pearls have been considered as a royal piece since decades. They were forbidden to be worn by other class of people but only the elite. The amount of pearls in family depicted their royalty and social status. Since then, till now pearl is considered an expensive and unique gemstone. It is the only masterpiece that is obtained in nature, rest all gemstones are from mines and underground.

Pearl is similar to diamond that can be worn with any outfit as long as the shade and design matches with the attire. Obviously a traditional erring will not match with an evening gown. Thus, the best way of holding pearl jewelry is by purchasing a common design which goes with all outfits. Pearl is commonly worn in wedding by bride. It complements the white gown spectacularly. A single strand of necklace and pearl drop earrings are perfect combination with wedding gown. Even in Asian countries traditional bridal dresses are combined with pearl sets that are dazzling with diamond or multiple stones.

Since decades pearls have been mastering in weddings –

  • Ancient Greeks considered pearl to be a symbol of purity and love that strengthened relation between spouses and maintained harmony in their relationship.
  •  In 15th Century pearl was considered an asset of elite class, thus in the royal wedding held in Burgundy French House, all guests from bride and groom’s side wore dazzling pearls.
  • British royals still consider it as a royal piece and carry the tradition of wearing it in wedding till date.
  • In Hindu mythology, it is said that Lord Krishna pulled the first pearl gem from ocean bed for his daughter Pandaia to gift her on her wedding as symbol of purity, union and love.

Whatever style you select, a bridal set can never be disgraceful. If the stone matches your gown or dress, then nothing can beat you from being complemented. White creamy pearls are always considered the best friend of bride that blends well with her wedding gown. However, with changing trend, different designs and colors are also being selected by brides to look different from others.