Peach long cut

The Peach long cut is a bright and crispy dip with a mellow pinch of vanilla. It is one of the best flavors that most companies offer. All popular brands like Blackbuffalo, Copenhagen, and Skoal has been offering this flavor for quite a while now.


As the title suggests, Peach long cut tastes like a peach with a slight pinch of vanilla. Most users of this dip are when asked about the best flavor they ever used, they don’t feel shy in saying Peach long cut. Although there are more effective and lip burning flavors out there but, when it comes to taste, no one can face the sweetness of this little guy. A user shared his views as it was the only fruity dip he ever tried, and he is hooked on it. Although later, he noticed that the can was slightly outdated, it did not stop him from placing it behind his lip. He rated it as a 10/10. He urged others to try it too.


Although the dip is flavored, that doesn’t mean that it is low on nicotine. When you open a can, a gentle, natural aroma of Peach feels like a fragrance if you inhale it. Don’t forget there are tobacco and nicotine involved too. People are not used to this kind of dip and use other, more natural products. When a person puts it under his lip, he feels the slight taste of Peach and some vanilla in his mouth. But when the tobacco kicks in from the background with nicotine acting as a booster, it gives a slight lip burn that lasts for almost 30 minutes.


The texture of this product is somewhat like between soft and hard if we look at a paper. A person can feel it in his hands. By rubbing the Peach Long Cut Black Buffalo in the fingers, one can find out that it is not soft and not too hard. It’s somewhere in between. One can feel the moistness between his fingers. As it is long cut, it means that the strands of this product are slightly more significant than the regular ones.


The peach long cut gets dry in a small amount of time. Dipper community is longing for bigger sized pouches to be made for this product as some people are having troubles as they cannot keep it in their mouth in large quantities. People who are many dippers are quite happy with the plastic cover and metal bottoms. As every brand has a different kind of Peach long cut tin, it is slightly difficult to say what attracts the consumers most, the quality of a package, or the overall marketing stuff.


Most brands follow the Oz version of the system international while measuring dip weight.

Skoal peach comes with 1.02 Oz tins.

Copenhagen comes in 0.82 Oz pouches.

While the BlackBuffalo offers a net weight of 1.2 Oz with free shipping for U.S orders.

The latter company was endorsed by many reviewers on Reddit as the best stuff, long-lasting taste, and a non-compromising product.