Jeans pants – this is always fashionable and I think it will never come out. With it you can attend different places and totally different occasions, such as a ballad, stroll in the mall, work and many others.

The jeans fit easily on virtually all types of sweaters and you just have to worry about the environment.

When you go to the ballad of jeans this can be tighter valuing your silhouette. You can also use a jumping shoe and a smaller blouse or a more stripped-down blouse. Now when working on jeans, wear a less flamboyant, less tight, wear a medium or low heel shoe and a more closed and elegant blouse. * Printed Pants – these are super high, the prints are practically all floral and one more beautiful than the other. To avoid getting too colorful, combine the printed pants along with more neutral pieces. DressLily


The flat sweaters are very suitable for use with printed trousers. Regarding the occasions where these pants can be used, I highlight a trip to the mall, the cinema, a dinner between family or friends, or even work, but this depends a lot on the print of the pants and the environment in which you work.

High Waist Pants – this pants model came back with everything. They are chic and highly value the silhouette, not to mention that they also cover the fat present in the abdominal region. To fit the look, wear high waist pants along with a more collared blouse, but who has a wider waist, the blouse should preferably be looser. The occasions for using this type of pants are practically the same as those mentioned above.

Leggings Pants – last on this list are the leggings pants. In recent years this style of pants has been reinventing itself and today we find it of different types and prints super detached. These ones that were only used for workout have gained new forms and today it gives to walk and go to ballad with her, besides forming beautiful looks even of work in days colder. here

Colored Trousers – these could not be missing from the list at all, the colored trousers were and continue to be a tremendous hit in the streets. They can be seen in the colors blue, green, yellow, pink, red among others and should be used only in times of leisure and fun.

The pants, be they jeans, social, legging or any other type, also have been changing according to fashion and so deserve special attention. So in this article I’ll tell you a bit about fashion pants. You will know which pants are most successful and what are the best occasions for wearing them.