New York Based Designer Landed Her Own Brand

Last season Shaly did her first official runway show in New York, in order to introduce her brand to new and existing fans (including the very buzzy supermodel Jessica Wall, who sat front row). Guo, the designer sent out a colorful collection brimming with personal touchstones.

Shuang Guo started making designs at her tender age. She had such wild imagination for discovery, but it was after years of internship programmes in prestigious fashion companies she decided to get her creations to the masses.

“My dad is a crazy handcraft guy. There was a storage in our home full of the animal specimens. I am curious but scared of them. That is where my cloth tiger comes.” Guo said. She printed them on everything from jumpers to starched collared shirts to swinging organza duster coats. At times, they resembled Dutch wax prints; at others, they looked more like blurred, impressionist traditional Chinese painting. There were also 3-D embroideries, stitched into coat shoulder and on knits, and very delicate hand-embroidered silk organza patches, made by Shaly herself.


On Midwest Fashion Week, Shuang Guo was quoted as saying ‘Everyone wants to try my garments, and everyone wants to put it on during the exhibition I had in US and Italy. So I believe it is the right time to have my own line.’ It was two years before and we believe she is ready now.


Whatever is to be done, you agree there would come the right time to do it. Patient Shuang Guo waited for the ideal to get her label up, got trained for the moment, before establishing her brand which she named Shaly Guo. Ever since Shaly Guo has gone on to draw compliments from the public.


Shaly Guo was admired much more for its portrayal of innocence, vividness and imagination. Shuang Guo agreed these are the signatory traits of her brand.