Nail Polish with the Perfect Expressions

Darker skin glows purple, coral or green. Matte colors are ideal. You can’t spoil anything with gray or light brown. For festive occasions, paint your nails deep red.Olive skin is suitable for almost all nude shades, but also peach, lavender or menthol green.Finally, for dark skin, metallic and luminous colors are the best, gold and silver can be alternated with bright yellow or blue with a cold undertone

Much depends on the shape of the nails

The length, width and shape of the nail also play a role in choosing a suitable shade. On a smaller area, you can experiment more with red and other dark colors, while on long nails, be careful that very strong colors or their combinations do not look cheap. Owners of long nails to the tip should be especially careful, it is necessary to soften it with light pink, beige or fine pastels, the rounder tip can also withstand shades of red or purple.

Which nail polish to choose for red, black and blue formal dresses?

Beware of red nails to red dresses, the exact same color is not easy to find and a slightly different shade can cause a fashionable faux pas. So get advice from professionals from professionals and you’d better reach for proven nude yourself, for the brave there is also a combination with metallic tones. Make use of the multichrome nail polish for the best effects now.

You have a great advantage with black dresses, any varnish is suitable for them. Of course, it also depends on the accessories, but otherwise you can experiment with gold and silver, or even with black nail art.

  • Metal reflections will also look good on a blue robe. Glittering dark blue nails a few shades darker than the dress will also be very interesting.
  • Green dresses stand out best with nude, light brown or menthol nails. Again, styling is important overall, sometimes a lot of dark green shimmering varnishes can look better.
  • Surprisingly, many colors are suitable for purple dresses, such as lilac or menthol. But you also score points with metallic tones.
  • Red nails will be best for nude or gold dresses. Don’t be afraid to go red, burgundy or purple.

Does the color of the nails on the hands have to be the same as on the feet?

Especially in summer, when the hands and feet are still in sight, it looks best. However, neutral nude tones can be combined with more pronounced colors without any problems. If you dare, try a small experiment – different shades of the same color, ideally lighter on the hands and darker on the legs. Alternatively, you can leave the shade the same, but add stylish nail art on your hands.

How to optically lengthen and narrow nails?

Light colors will be ideal, depending on your skin type, choose either nude, light pink or nougat. If you decide on red or dark colors, try not to paint your nails all the way to the edges, omit a strip of about a millimeter to two millimeter on each side. It depends on the size of the nail.