Mens Shirts – The shirt as a male garment

Since ancient times the human being has sought ways to cover his body, to protect himself from weather conditions, which has resulted in different designer fashions throughout the history of mankind. In the beginning, simple wide tunics with wide sleeves were used, with the passage of time, they were adjusted and adapted to the needs. The trousers emerged for the exclusive use of the men and the tunics became shorter and shorter until they became mens shirts that were worn under long and elaborate jackets.

It was not until the fourteenth century when he began to develop a style of shirt, which over the years underwent considerable changes. Until after the eighteenth century, the French begin to become a visible garment, adding ornaments and making it the protagonist of the male wardrobe. Over the years, the manufacture of this piece of clothing was industrialized, eventually creating a large industry based on the shirt.

A variety of models emerged, with long sleeves to wear with suits, short sleeves for daily use, pockets were incorporated in the front, different types of buttons were implemented that were exposed, including, in several models, a flap or piece of cloth to cover them and give more elegance to the design.

The sleeves of the shirts were also modified and a wrist-tight finish was made, commonly called a cuff. The neck is styled, giving it hardness and an ideal way to complement the shirt with the tie. Although in many cases, you can wear the collar open.

These garments are elaborated, generally, in cotton, linen or silk, and can be made in other more resistant materials, but keeping their original design. The pockets are also optional and, in most cases, are unicolor or with delicate patterns.

Being such an important part of the masculine clothes, in “883 Police” they have dedicated themselves to elaborate the most beautiful and versatile shirts for the gentleman who wants to dress well at all times of the day. With extensive experience of more than 20 years in the manufacture of the most exclusive garments for men, we offer collections of shirts with varied details, which will make them unique pieces.

On the website Mens Designer Shirts there is the model you want. Enter and admire the gallery of designs such as the SORRA or LEANDRO in black and white colors, with front pockets, that can be worn tight to the body and on the outside, with a blue jean in combination or a brand jacket, to give a casual and elegant style to wherever you go.

We also have the design CARLO LIGHT WASH DET or FRAME MID WASH DET, in jean material, with deteriorated appearance, that can be worn open on top of a unicoloured t-shirt and tone with jeans of the same style, which will give it a youthful and interesting look.

We have a kind of shirt that we call Polo, which gives you elegance. It consists of a short sleeves model with a collar and three buttons on the front, with details on the sleeves, neck, and design, for use on all occasions.