Matte Finish vs. Dewy Foundation: What’s the Difference?

Just when you think you have mastered your go-to makeup routine, another one pops up. Rest assured another option will come along and you will want to be Instagram ready for it. Women are spoilt for options when it comes to the matte finishing vs dewy foundation. The real dilemma is what is the difference between the two and how do you make it work for you?

Well, don’t get too worked up, have a read to be in the know.

It’s All In The Name

Just as the name suggests, dewy means appearing soft and lustrous. The word is mostly associated with something damp or beaded with moisture. A dewy foundation gives you a moist appearance and a wet texture.

Matte, on the other hand is mostly associated with dullness. This is when you deprive a surface gloss or shine. A matte finish foundation gives you a gloss free look that is non-lustrous.

It all depends with your makeup goal. Are you looking for a vibrant shiny appearance or are you leaning towards dull but totally mysterious? Have your pick.

Full Coverage And Sheer coverage

The whole point of makeup is to improve your appearance. Foundation evens out your face to one complexion. You could go for the natural look or opt to hide your blemishes, again, spoilt for options.

Matte finish is a full coverage foundation. This means, it’s great for hiding any scars, wrinkles, or dark spots. The foundation tends to be highly pigmented in order to give you that flawless look. Think of it like a two for one, with the right foundation you will not need your concealer.

Dewy foundation in most cases gives the least amount of coverage. It tends to be transparent leaving you with that naturally glowing skin. The sheer coverage varies. Some dewy foundation can cover up a few blemishes but not completely. If you are aiming towards a natural glossy look with your freckles on display, dewy makeup does the trick.

Skin Type

A dewy foundation works great on people with dry skin. It changes your face from the normal dry to fresh, vibrant, and buttery. The right makeup trick could go as far as giving you the appearance of glass skin.

If you have oily skin, you can opt to go the matte way. Matte makeup is oil absorbing. So, if you’re the kind of person whose face tends to shine within an hour of applying makeup, matte is your go to.

But then again, don’t feel limited to a matte finish just because your skin is oily. You can make any look work for you with a simple trick.

For instance, if you want to rock a glowing look with oily skin, you can apply your dewy foundation and with your makeup brush set, gently dab a bit of powder on your face.

How Long Do You Want It?

No matter the foundation you choose, to stay fresh you need to touch up your make up every once in a while. For these two, it’s a question of how long you want it on your face.

The wet nature of a dewy foundation makes it hard for the makeup to stick on your face long. So, if you’re thinking of going to a party with a dewy foundation, be ready to touch up your make up every few hours.

Matte on the other hand, is perfect for a long day event. The matte finish does not contain any oil or petroleum, hence, it tends to stick for longer. The lack of any slippery minerals makes the foundation long-lasting.

What About Age?

We all want to be young forever, or if we age, let it be the J-LO way. No matter how old you are, the right makeup can add or subtract years.

Dewy foundation applied gives the appearance of sun-kissed skin. Not only does it make you glow, it gives you a youthful look. The shine on your face makes you look fun, spirited, and adventurous. This foundation is the ultimate fountain of youth.

Matte on the other hand, in most cases, gives you a mature look. The great thing about looking more mature is you will flawlessly look the part. If your aiming for a timeless look that is mature but gorgeous, matte finish is your friend.

Dealing With Creases

Whether it’s the creases from your smile or at the corners of the eyes, you don’t want your makeup to just sit there.

Due to its formula, matte finish tends to settle in the creases, lines, and wrinkles on your face. If your skin is also mature, avoid matte finish because it tends to accentuate the problem more than it covers it.

Sheer foundation on the other hand tends to glide on the skin smoothly. Then again, if the foundation gets too watery, it tends to fall into creases. In such a case, using a primer comes in handy.

Where Are You Going?

Both matte and dewy foundation is proving to be a total game changer in the cosmetic world. The right foundation can make you look instagood without the filters, but where you’re going also matters.

For instance, if you’re going out with your friends for a few hours, sheer foundation is the perfect choice. The idea of a vibrant face makes you feel young and glammed up.

If you’re thinking of a night out with the same friends, matte finish is the best option. This is because of the foundation’s ability to stay on your face for longer.

For a healthy looking face, don’t forget to drink a lot of water, prep your face before applying makeup, and most importantly, prime your face before applying makeup. Makeup should be a fun process, so enjoy every minute of it.

Remember, whether you choose a matte finish or a dewy foundation, you are beautiful just the way you are; the rest is just a plus.