Manual Labour Workwear Changes due to Increased Female Workers

If you’re a female worker in Australia, there are some stores that understand your needs as it comes to workwear. Truth be told, there have been many changes in workwear because of the increased volume of female workers in the industry.

This is a good thing because females are proving that they can do rugged and gritty work like manual labour, just as well as men can. But it still begs the question; can they have tailor made clothes for their needs in this particular area of work?

The answer is yes!

It Takes Time

But the caveat is that it will take time. Until recently, not many women had been part of manual labour and it takes time to have tailor-made, appropriate workwear for women.

There were still some clothes that women did not like because they did not fit right and were either too loose or too tight and there is still a limited collection of such clothes out there for women.

One thing that must be understood is that the physical features of women are unlike those of men, which is why men’s workwear can seem uncomfortable and loose. Women may, for instance, choose jackets to stay warm in the chilly outdoors in Australian winters and slim leg cargo pants to match, instead of overalls.

It may be a gruelling industry but that shouldn’t bring you down. There are clothes out there that are comfortable and will fit you properly. WorkWearHub has such an assortment of clothes that women from the will enjoy wearing.

What Manufacturers of Work Wear should be Focusing on, when it comes to Women’s Clothing

Their focus should be on versatility, without compromising on durability. They should try to come up with more designs and use materials that are a little more feminine. Comfort and versatility is a vital part of that.

Many women enjoy looking stylish in casual clothes, so workwear companies should pick up on this little fact. They should try finding the sweet spot between being built for manual labour and being casual.

Work wear typically revolves around ruggedness and durability. This is why in Levis concentrated on being capable like it’s wearer. It needs to give room for bending and squatting without tearing in two.

But even Levi’s agrees that work conditions and dynamics have changed and they’re accepting that better fit with uncompromising performance and durability is the future of workwear.

Characteristics of Good WorkWear

It should be able to handle the abuse sent its way by the wearer. The fabric should be comfortable and rigid enough that it is worthy of the work that the wearer does.

For women, there should be greater diversity of colours that they like instead of just being too plain. Something not too vibrant will also give that causal appearance without being too problematic for the workplace. And it should be practical, too.

As for fleece jackets, which are relatively new in this work wear space, they should neither be too heavy nor too light. And of course, it should look casual and keep the wearer warm.