Make Memories with Simple Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When it comes to changing the trend of gold engagement rings, rose gold turns out to be the perfect alternative. Since 24 karat pure gold can be easily transformed into any shape, due to its softness, jewelry makers used to mix metal alloys with it in order to create unique versions and colors of gold. Among those variations, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold are the most preferable and beautiful options and therefore, they are also used in the making of engagement rings.

With unique chemical composition and combination of pure gold and copper alloy, rose gold has got great popularity in specialized jewelry. There are quite a few color varieties available, particularly pink and red gold. The color of rose gold depends upon the proportion of copper alloy, meaning that the more metal in the mix, the redder will be the ring. So, the consideration is to figure out which shade or combination to go with. If needed, click here and get to know everything that could assist in this regard.

While looking for simple rose gold engagement rings, what most of the people miss is that just like every jewelry item possesses some pros and cons, there are also some important facts to know about rose gold:


  • Maximum durability as compared to white or yellow gold
  • Incredibly affordable
  • No need to apply rhodium plating
  • Romantic connotation with elegance
  • Looks gorgeous with all skin colors


  • Doesn’t possess hypo-allergic properties due to the presence of copper alloy
  • Rarely available as opposed to yellow or white gold

As mentioned earlier that reddish shade of rose gold depends upon the proportion of copper in the mixture, what most of the people overlook is the fact that higher karat simple rose gold engagement rings have more pure gold, meaning that an 18 karat ring would have a lighter shade i.e. more towards pink. Whereas, a 14 karat rose gold ring would be redder because of increased proportion of copper alloy. In short, it can be said that there are myriads of options for simple rose gold engagement rings. People can easily find suitable choices as per their preferences and taste.

In some items, 18 karat rose gold engagement rings also have palladium or silver while 14 karat rings have zinc or silver as well. So, their selection tends to be quite crucial because they have to consider allergic reactions from these metals. Even, jewelers also recommend to go for a rose gold white sapphire ring because of its elegance and uniqueness.