Let us Meet the Brazilian straightening, an ideal technique for hair straight

The authentic Brazilian straightening does not spoil the wholesale virgin hair, or change its structure and is compatible with other chemical processes

Having straight and super long brazilian kinky curly hair is one of the dreams of many women in your life. You are tired of having a look like a board and of passing the iron until you are tired, we present you the Brazilian straightening, which also helps you to grow your hair more.

Surely you’ve heard the brazilian kinky curly hair somewhere. This treatment was born in Brazil 20 years ago and became a real boom because it left hair super nice and smooth.

Brazilian hair straightening is a hair treatment designed to repair hair in depth, explains Valeria Costa, expert in capillary recovery of Aquarela Peluqueros. Its formula of pure keratin, oils, silk proteins and white clay returns to the hair the hair mass lost due to wear, external aggressions and chemical processes. Thanks to the technique and experience when applying it, the hair undergoes a great change and becomes healthy, strong, extremely soft and shiny, and without breakage.

For experts in hair, repairing and recovering are two keys to Brazilian hair straightening that offer other treatments disguised as smoothing treatments.

The authentic Brazilian straightening does not spoil the hair, does not change its structure, is compatible with other chemical processes, restructures the strand, eliminates frizz and leaves hair completely healthy, repaired and a spectacular shine one hundred percent guaranteed.

For the expert between smoothing and straightening you should take care of your hair using products without salt and avoiding repair products, because now the hair is completely healthy and does not need more protein only hydration and nutrition products.

And can it be dyed? of course, although it is strongly recommended to wait 15 days to reapply the color. But the idea is to dye the hair before the treatment to repair with the Smoothing the damage produced by the chemical process.

And if later you want to comb, curl or wave, no problem. Of course, we must bear in mind that with the straightening the hair gains body and has so much softness that you have to wait about 15 or 20 days to get used to and be able to comb it as well. Visit us to know more about brazilian kinky curly hair.