Kinds of Printing Methods Favoured and Its Methods

Printing can be considered as one of the ways of producing different kind of fonts, writings and pictures on a clear sheet of paper. Printing can be used in wide areas too.  Not only paper, but printing can also be used to create designs on clothes, bedsheets, pamphlets and wall painting. Using the printing services has made designing and creativity part a lot easier and faster. It has saved a lot of time and energy that could be utilised in some other tasks. Thus printing can be called as a customised form of tracing. This extraordinary change from tracing to printing has brought a lot of benefits along with it. To name some of them-

  • Speed work
  • Quality, clarity and finishing of the printed work is excellent
  • Less use of carbon footprints
  • Helps in opening up creative ideas to the world
  • Secure and quicker way for paper records
  • Convenient to read

All these printing benefits sums up for all the different kinds of printing services. All the services are excellent in its own ways and in different fields. Some of them are as followed-

  • Digital printing (modern way of printing and basically used for all kinds of tasks related to fashion or paper work)
  • Embossing ( pressure used to apply pattern)
  • Gravure printing ( used for printing in cards, advertisement work and magazines)
  • Screen printing ( these are stencil used printing work)
  • Flexography ( use of rubber and substrates for large printing works)
  • Lithograph ( use of metal plates to print texts or quality images on printer and other textures)
  • Letterpress ( oldest form of printing technology)

Thus, right kind of printing technology has to be chosen for the particular task. Using printing technology nowadays has made work easier and quick along with better and standard design work. These printing ways are way more popular nowadays in fashion field in textile industry and fashion designing.