Is It Your 1st Valentine’s Day after Marriage? Do these 5 Things for Your Better Half!

Love is in the air. And why not! It is your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. While each and every festival this year might seem a little extra special, Valentine’s is one occasion that will surely help you both come closer to each other. So, it is advised that you plan something special for your better half and make this special day a memorable one.

Here are bunch of things that will act as a thoughtful gesture and help you celebrate this day in a great way:

Cook Breakfast for Your Man

To start the day with a loving gesture, you can cook an assortment of your spouse’s favorite breakfast options and serve it as soon as he wakes up! You can include anything from eggs, waffles, pancakes and even a sandwich. Do not forget to make a cup of coffee/tea or fill a glass of juice that will complete the meal. This sweet gesture will surely come as a delightful surprise for your man!

Plan a Fun Activity Together

This day is extremely special for you both, and it is necessary that you celebrate with a similar vibe. So to make sure that you do something special on this day, you should plan a fun activity like go bungee jumping, trekking, a visit to a historic place or a theme park. Or you can just simply go for a picnic and enjoy some home-made delicacies with the person who matters the most to you.

Leave Love Notes Around

If you are unable to spend the entire day with each other due to some reason, we have a great idea with which you will be able to make your spouse feel your presence every now and then. So, if you have to leave the house early and do not wish to wake up your husband, here is a way through which you can greet him good morning and also wish him a happy Valentine’s Day by leaving a valentine gift for him. You simply have to leave some love notes around the house. This will help him feel your presence at every nook of the house!

Make him Find the Gift Herself

Similarly, you can lay some riddles around the house which will help him locate him Valentine gift.This can act as a treasure hunt which will make this day a lot more interesting. Also, with each riddle solved you can treat your beloved with a bonus gift until he finds the actual one.

Spend some Quality time with each other

It is sometimes better to do nothing and spend some time with your favorite person. YES! That’s what you can do this Valentine’s Day. And since this is your first Valentine’s Day, it is better to understand each other better. So, we suggest that you should spend some quality time by talking to each other or playing games like truth or dare, rapid fire, etc.

These were some of the ways in which you can spend your first Valentine’s Day with your spouse and make the most out of it.