Is a Floral designer also a Florist?

Many people find it confusing when differentiating between a Florist and a Floral designer. For those who are familiar with both terms, only few are able to clearly differentiate between both. To clear this common misconception, we will attempt to briefly preview both and establish a difference between them.

Floral Designer

A floral Designer is a business entrepreneur who is involved in the business side of things. By business side of things what I am trying to say is that He or She uses Flowers and plants to create decorations and designs for special occasions and events and charges a fee for the service. Some of the special events where flowers are used are

Weddings – Anniversaries – Funerals and any other special event.

Floral designers use custom made flowers to create unique designs for their clients which may not be found anywhere else. They use these custom flowers to design halls and create indoor and outdoor set arrangements.


A Florist on the other hand is more like an artist and less of a business person. This is not to mean that Florist NJ, don’t make profits from their endeavor because they do but they possess expert horticulture knowledge that a floral designer may or may not possess. A Florist

Sell flowers – Arrange flower bouquets – Have different flower designs installed

Having briefly explained what both professionals do what then are the basic differences since it appears that both work with flowers?

Flower Shops

Florist NJ, have flower shops where they store and sell flowers to members of the public These flower shops are one of the things that set a Florist apart from a Floral designer.  A Floral designer doesn’t really need to have a job and most designers don’t operate flower shops. Should they have need for flowers to make decorations, they visit flower shops run by Florists to buy the flowers they need.

Different types of Flowers

A florist Jersey Shore is stocked by the florist NJ who runs the store with different flowers to cater to the needs of their teeming customers. Floral designers don’t stock flowers as they will be wasted. They only work with flowers that they need one set at a time.

Role Switching

It is common to find Florists who are also floral designers but most designers are not Florists. Many professional Florists who have Florist Jersey store in New Jersey also take up contracts to provide flowery decorations for special occasions and events.

If you are looking for a Florist in your area, you can search for one in your area.

Use the internet

The internet is a rich and an effective medium to find Florists close to you. Modern day Florists have taken their art to the next level by putting them online. You can search for florists in your area and have them deliver flowers to you should you need them. New Jersey has an abundance of good florists whose expert service you can enjoy on demand.