Innovative Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas

The cake is one of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of celebrating a grand wedding anniversary occasion. So why not recreate that special magic every year with a nice wedding anniversary cake? Always remember one thing that your wedding anniversary is not only an opportunity to indulge but at the same time, it is also an occasion to explore some of the unique cake ideas. There has been no traditional wedding anniversary cake and that’s why you have plenty of cake decoration ideas. From simple and sophisticated decoration to over the top decorated extravaganza, these cakes can be a great source of fun.

Now, this article gives you some of the excellent wedding anniversary cake ideas:

Vintage Cash Register Cake:

There’s a saying that money can’t buy love and happiness but love is prominently evident in this vintage cash register box themed cake. Painstakingly and aesthetically decorated to resemble vintage cash register box, this delicious cake can easily win the heart of your better half. This special cake gets its pretty luster from the edible gold paint.

Dressy Indigo Cake:

It is as romantic as the midnight in Paris. This cake has become super popular for its eye-catching flower and pretty zig zag design. This cake is made using fondant and modeling chocolate. This can be the ultimate showstopper for your wedding anniversary party.

Ruffle Cake With Vintage Topper:

You can simply customize this nice cake with your wedding photo mounted on a vintage photo frame. Using a vintage flower topper on it could be a great idea as it will really make the cake look really enticing. You can simply decorate this cake with the chocolate truffle so that you can add the special chocolaty flavor to the cake. You can add fondant flowers on the top to give it a festive look.

Chocolate Swirls:

This cake just tastes as good as it looks. Decorated with chocolate ganache, modern piping, royal icing swirls and fondant flowers, this cake can easily catch the entire attention of the party. Each bite of this cake can fill your mouth with pure joy.

Exotic Anniversary Cake:

This is the perfect cake for the people who are looking for cultured, world traveler types. This decadent cake has a typical eastern influence. The read heart of this cake has made it really special and eye-catching. This cake is made with blossom cutter and Lindy Smith cutter.

Love Birds Cake:

This cake is whimsical but elegant at the same time. It is a three-layered cake which is covered with the blue and lavender flowers and then at the bottom this cake nicely adorned with a pair of sweet birds with a nice patterning.

Pure White Wedding Anniversary Cake:

The pure white color of this cake resembles the purity and the innocence of a relationship. With time the white frosting has become the status symbol. Now you might be wondering to know what exactly results in the pure white color. Well, its the refined sugar that results in pure white color.

Those days are gone when you had to travel to the local market’s cake shop to find the perfect wedding cake, as now you can simply buy it from the online store. The advancement of online technology has made it really possible. The best part of ordering wedding anniversary cake online is that most of the popular online stores offer the extensive variation of anniversary cakes to choose from.

Most of the well know online cake stores offer free of cost shipping of your ordered cake.