How to Style Your Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

When one thinks about weddings, several words come to mind – joyful, love, celebration, and costly. Wedding styling an expensive event. It may be in your interest to hire a wedding styling expert to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Here are some tips that can help with styling your wedding on a budget.

Use Big Paper-Based Props

Paper garlands, honeycomb balls or diamonds are gorgeous, flexible and highly affordable props that you can use as a backdrop for your wedding.

These items are usually light and fluttery, providing a look of simple elegance. You can combine several big-sized ones to form a heart shape as a ceremony backdrop and use the smaller ones as a table decoration.

Utilize Mirrors to Create Illusion of Bigger Space

Putting mirrors next to your props can create an illusion of having more decoration props than you actually do.

Should your reception area be small, having big mirrors placed at the wall areas will help the space to look much bigger than it actually is.

This trick works best for evening receptions, during which the mirror can reflect candlelight in a pleasant glow and give the venue a luxurious look.

Floating Centerpieces

If there is not much space on the guest tables for more decoration pieces, you can always use aerial decorations instead.

Balloons are some of the most affordable decorative pieces you can use that can still give your wedding reception a chic and Instagram-worthy look.

Just choose a balloon colour and let the balloons float from the tables or tie them to the guest chairs as decoration.

Make Use of Washi Tapes

Decorative tapes can do wonders when it comes to decorative pieces.

You can stick them around your engagement photos on display, use them to create a design that can serve as a statement backdrop or a background for your photo booth.

All you have to do is to go for tapes with compatible colours and the rest of the design is completely up to you. If you are not sure what designs to go for, simple geometric ones will work wonders.

Replace Table Decoration Pieces with Drapes on the Ceiling

You might need to purchase quite a number of goods if you focus on table decorations. However, you can go light on these decor items if you go for a ceiling-focused style instead.

Purchase light, white fabric and drape it over the ceiling for a graceful and elegant look, or go for bolder colours for a fun atmosphere.

Decorate with Food

Out of ideas? Go beyond the traditional wedding styling methods with scattered seatings and food tables instead.

Use decorative cups and plates, fruit and flower buds and other food-themed items to keep the guests focused on the wedding buffet and less on the decorations you have or have not installed around the place.

Chalkboards & Frames

Let the guests take charge of the decoration with a big chalkboard and plenty of coloured chalks for them to use!

Decorate the chalkboard with a highly aesthetic frame and some flowers, and start with a simple quote or drawing right in the middle of the chalkboard.

Let the guests know that they are free to write their messages on the chalkboard, and soon you will have it covered with words and wishes – perfect for photography!