How to Select a Pearl for Your Pearl Jewelry

The Magnetic Attraction of Custom Pearl Jewelry

For centuries pearls have been highly prized for jewelry wardrobes around the world. Some of the most famous pearls were worn by royalty and men and women of fame like the Duchess of Windsor, King Charles I, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great of Russia and Actress Elizabeth Taylor.

How to Select a Pearl for Your Pearl Jewelry

Pearls add something very special to formal and casual attire. To select a pearl for your pearl jewelry wardrobe, consider occasions when you plan to wear your pearls.

A pearl for a ring can be worn to accent formal, business or casual wear. A single lustrous pearl pendant accents sportswear by making a fashion statement. This is also true of pearl bracelets.

For more formal occasions, choose a single strand graduated pearl necklace, choker style, opera length or double and triple strands.

Pearls are sold in varying hues that accent apparel. There are several pearl types. These include:

  •  Akoya in white or rose
  •  Freshwater
  •  Black Pearl
  •  South Seas Gold
  •  South Seas White

Pearl Jewelry to Complete a Pearl Jewelry Wardrobe

Every pearl wardrobe should contain freshwater pearls and two or more other pearl types in order to balance a fashionable wardrobe.

Nothing is more appealing than a pale pink cardigan sweater set accented by a rose hued freshwater pearl strand.

For the next major formal occasion, choose a baguette black pearl pendant for a dramatic formal cocktail dress. Add a golden black pearl bracelet to complete the elegant fashion statement.

Pearl Jewelry Details

Pearls are graded for quality according to size, shape, color, luster, and visible blemishes. Pearls are sized from 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 14 and 15 mm and the largest size 18 mm. Pearl shapes vary from iconic round to button, semi round, Baroque, circle and drop shapes.

Luster is judged by professional pearl jewelers like Kyllonen as very good, gem quality and excellent. When you look at your pearls, the clearer the reflection you see, the higher the value will be.

In terms of flaws and blemishes, the least acceptable flaw appears in pearls that are pitted and dented. However, since pearls are nature’s gifts, all pearls will have some slight imperfections. This is how to select a pearl for your pearl jewelry pieces.

Value is also determined by scarcity, as is color. For example, an Akoya pearl with unprocessed, natural color is considered rare. This is a Japanese pearl. The most desirable pearls are Tahitian white silver and peacock green.

Get custom pearl jewelry today and indulge yourself in elegance and luxury.