How to save money when planning an engagement party

We hear you’ve recently got engaged – congratulations! We’ve got no doubt you’re in the mood to celebrate, and you’ve earned the right to do so. If you’ve started drafting plans for your engagement party, one of the earliest issues you’ll have to solve is the cost.

It seems every aspect of getting married just keeps getting more expensive. Between flowers, photographers, Valentina engagement rings, venue hire – the list of expenses only seems to get longer. Unfortunately, an engagement party isn’t an expectation from this list.

However, with a bit of creativity and clever planning, you can throw an amazing engagement party and still save some money in the process.

To help, here are our top tips to save money on your engagement party!

Location, location, location

Venue hire is one of the easiest ways to overspend or save some cash – depending on your choices. If can host your engagement party at home or a friend’s house, you don’t have to be out of pocket for a space to celebrate!

Plus, in these spaces, you can relax! Play your music, have speeches that aren’t competing with strangers in a venue and be as loud or as chilled as you like. The only downside might be the clean up the following day, but well worth it in the long run!

You can also be a bit savvy with the timing of your event. If you invite your guests to arrive later in the evening, it sets the assumption they should eat before arriving. Supplying nibbles, rather than the main meal, is another great way to cut down on expenses.


Embrace the gift that keeps on giving – a ‘bring your own’ event. If you’d like to buy some drinks, go wild! But asking guests to bring their drinks means one less thing that you have to pay for – a concept any budget conscious person can get behind.

Keep it Simple

You can apply this way of thinking to every aspect of the event. With invitations, send them electronically. Save the fancy stuff for your big day.


When it comes to decorations, be creative. See if you can make them yourself or choose a few simple items to buy – you can work wonders with just a few fairy lights.

Finally, with your guests, keep the event within a small circle. This will make the event more intimate, as you’ll be sharing this special occasion with the people who matter most.

If nothing else, the golden rule here is to keep it simple. Remember, the point of getting engaged is so you can one day get married. The engagement party is the entree, your wedding day is the main course – plan accordingly.