How to make your PC gaming experience more comfortable

PC gaming is a great way to spend a bit of your downtime but it is a bit more complex than console gaming, when it comes to console gaming all you need is good television and a comfortable sofa, but as you can imagine PC gaming has a lot more to it. It boils down to several different components that all can make a difference when it comes to your gaming experience, let it be the software you choose, to the distance of the monitor, what peripherals you choose and chain and seating style. If you are going to spend a significant amount of time in front of a monitor gaming or even doing some work or watching a film you should choose to take care of how your posture is because it can prove to be a big problem in the future that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Avoid: Back, Neck and Eye Discomfort!

You should always start with the chair you are sitting and it is imperative that you have a decent comfortable chair because having a faulty or bad chair will leave you with to extreme back discomfort and/or pain, not to mention that your neck will also suffer. Do not just get any chair, get a chair with the specific purpose of gaming, you can buy cheap ones that will save you a lot of unwanted pain in the future. A lot of people use chairs they find at home and as comfortable as they might be, the chairs might be putting them in a bad posture, ideally, you find one which will keep you upright with neck and lower back support with height adjustability so neck won’t be strained for a long period of time.

Also when it comes to monitoring distance, ideally you place it no less than 51cm, 20 inches, a good rule of thumb to remember is that at arm’s length is a good distance for the monitor to be. As the importance of a good chair, monitor distance is essential, you do not want to strain your eyes, the discomfort and/or pain you will feel is something no one should experience so do yourself a favor and don’t keep it close to you.

Furthermore, a very important aspect into making your experience more comfortable is getting an adjustable table, in order not to strain your neck having both adjustable table and chair at your disposal will make everything a lot easier for you.

Remember if you are going to spend long hours in front of a screen take care of yourself and don’t take anything for granted. A very important note is that it would help if after ever 30 minutes – 45 minutes you get up an walk a bit and take a break from the screen and sitting down, stretch a bit your body and go for a short walk, even if you spend around 15 minutes working standing up it will your posture a lot.


Having comfortable peripherals will enhance your experience and performance by a lot, unfortunately, these do not come cheap, so you have to be willing to invest if you want to get some of the best items there are on the market. Buying a good mouse and keyboard will help you a lot, firstly having pain in your wrist happens very often and also some might even look better, have more buttons and more settings you can use to optimize your mouse and keyboard. For example, there are various types of mice that are adjustable according to your palm size so it won’t be too small nor too big.

Owning a good pair of headphones is an essential peripheral to have, firstly so you won’t annoy anyone with your speakers and noise, secondly, the sound is excellent and thirdly earphones tend to cause harm to the ear whereas headphones might be a little safer and more comfortable. Always remember to keep sound to a minimum when wearing ear/headphones.


Software makes a massive difference to gaming, it is always a beautiful experience to play a game at full graphics and high resolution, but more often than not we tend to try and play new games on an old PC and the problem is that computers tend to age really quickly. New games with higher graphics, new drivers and graphics cards are always coming out so in a year or so your PC would already be too old. Therefore one of the things you should do is make sure that your graphics card and CPU are up to date because if they aren’t your game might lag or crash or won’t run at all. Don’t be afraid to overclock your graphics card. Overclocking your CPU or graphics card simply means that you set your hardware to run at speeds higher than its official speed grade. You should always be wary when it comes to overclocking your equipment, heat is a big problem, and also permanent damage is also a big problem. Warranty won’t cover damages done by overclocking your hardware, because it was an active choice you took! Always overclock when your warranty is over and you feel you have no other option.

What Games you Choose to Play

This goes without saying but some people still choose to ignore it. Play games that relax you and you enjoy playing, games that you can appreciate and games that do not you and ultimately do the complete opposite from relaxing you. Usually competitive games are rewarding when you win, but if you are having a bad day you will end up breaking something. Choose games that will help you wind down after a long day and do not make the day worse. A good way to spend some downtime is by playing your favorite casino games at the comfort of your own home, click here if you want reviews of one of the best online gaming sites there is on the market right now. Crypto-gaming is on the rise and this site will accommodate to everyone including people wishing to play with crypto-currency.

What to take with you

It is imperative that you take care of your body, so what I suggest you take home from this article is that you get a good chair, that helps your back and neck and an adjustable table. Also, make sure the screen is at arm’s length away so you won’t strain your eyes. Take care of yourself and your posture because any problems you can acquire will end up being long term and habitual!