How To Maintain Healthy Hair?

Are you looking for tips on how to keep long hair healthy, shiny, and silk? If yes, these tips on how to maintain healthy hair by Saloninsurequotes will help you gain better insights.

Try not to over-wash your hair: The natural oils of your hair are meant to protect and condition the tresses and these vital oils get stripped away when you shampoo daily or every alternate day. This forms a vicious cycle of over-production of oils and an unnecessary requirement to shampoo very often. You should ideally wash your hair only twice a week with a good natural dry shampoo.

Wash your hair the right way: Believe it or not, shiny and beautiful hair starts in the shower! It is very important for you to massage a good shampoo in the scalp only. For this, you can simply massage the shampoo onto the scalp using your fingers in a gentle way. Avoid using nails to get the scalp clean. It is always a good way to pass on an invigorating massage to your head as you shampoo as that promotes circulation of blood and detoxifies the scalp. Thereafter, you can make use of a conditioner along the length of your hair for restoring moisture. Furthermore, you should always remember that the water must be cool when rinsing.

Use a hair wrap to dry: It is best to avoid a waffle brushed cotton towel. You must instead try out a smooth fabric like linen or cotton to get rid of excess moisture before heat styling.

Use hairdryer sensibly: If you want to avoid damaged and dry locks, it is best to use the coolest setting for hair drying and point the nozzle down and not sideways. It is best to keep nozzle of the hairdryer two to three inches away from the strands.