How to Identify a Real Yellow Sapphire Stone

The sparkle of the yellow sapphire stone can be highly enticing and is becoming a popular gemstone being used in rings, bracelets and other jewellery. The yellow sapphire is also popularly known as the ‘Pukhraj stone’, and according to Hindu culture and astrology, the yellow sapphire astrological benefits are widely known and due to this, is a popular choice for counterfeiting.

It can be heartbreaking for a buyer to find out that their yellow sapphire bracelet and gemstones are fake. Here are some ways to identify a real yellow sapphire gemstone and a fake yellow sapphire gemstone.

  • The contrast between Yellow Sapphire and Glass

Most counterfeits of yellow sapphire gemstones offer customer fake yellow stone gemstones made out of glass. Buyers of yellow sapphire gemstones should contrast the gemstone and glass before buying a yellow sapphire gemstone and can be positioned at about 5-6 moh.

  • Look for Tiny Bubbles

One of the unique characteristics of a yellow sapphire stone is the absence of any fluids or tiny bubbles in them. The buyers should inspect the stone for any small bubbles or fluid-like embellishments within the stone with the naked eye. In case of presence of any bubbles or fluid-like formations, the yellow sapphire gemstone is not genuine.

  • Scratch Test

Genuine Pukhraj stone is very hard and does not get scratched easily. The buyer should try scratching or rubbing the yellow sapphire gemstone against a rough surface such as sandpaper and check for scratches. Genuine yellow sapphire stones are hard and do not get scratched easily, and if you notice any scratches on the stone, the gemstone is a fake.

  • Certificate of Authenticity

It is always advisable to buy yellow sapphire gemstones and jewellery made from yellow sapphire gemstone from genuine and reputed jewellers only. Reputed jewellers offer a certificate of authenticity on the purchase of yellow sapphire gemstones and jewellery made from yellow sapphire gemstones.

  • Look out for Fillings

Due to its high attributes, it can be very hard for buyers to find unadulterated yellow sapphire gemstones with zero impurities. There are few fillings which can be present in yellow sapphire gemstones which are incorporated to upgrade its appearance, colour and shade. While checking for these fillings, it is important to check for any gaps, inconsistency or impurities within the stone, which is a clear indication of a fake gemstone.

  • Check for Flaws

As it is rare and almost impossible to find a flawless yellow sapphire gemstone, almost every pukhraj stone has some flaws. In case you notice a flawless yellow sapphire gemstone, it is highly probable that the gemstone is a fake.

  • The temperature of the Stone

Authentic yellow sapphire stone usually feels warmer when it comes in touch with the human body. The wearer of the yellow sapphire gemstone usually can feel the warmth of the gemstone while wearing and adorning the gemstone and jewellery made from the yellow sapphire gemstone. In case the buyer does not feel any difference in temperature, it is probable that the gemstone is fake.