How to find the Perfect Jewellery Box to protect your jewellery.

Jewellery is a very important part of a woman’s life. Not only that it has high material value, but it has emotional value as well. Some of the jewellery is family heritage or a gift for special occasions such as a wedding. No matter the size of your collection, you should always keep it protected and secure.

Buying the right jewellery box is a must. This way, you will make sure that your collection is well protected and safe from damage. The benefits of owning a good box are:

  • It will protect the jewellery from any dust and grime that can make it look unattractive.
  • A proper box will keep your precious jewellery scratch-free. Most of them have different compartments aligned with soft fabric, which will prevent the jewellery from coming in touch with other objects.
  • When exposed to air, certain precious metals can tarnish, In a proper environment, there is no chance of tarnish.

If you have a jewellery collection, the chances that you have to invest in a proper box are big. And getting the right one is even more important. Australian Largest jewellery box store – April May Jewellery is known for their beautiful collection, large range, and fast shipping.

If you can’t decide, we have some helpful tips for you. In addition, we feature the most common styles, and you can pick according to your needs and preferences!

Wooden Jewellery Box

A wooden jewellery box is a classic that fits well in any interior. Despite keeping your collection safe, it’s classy finish makes this item a wonderful decor for any room. You can find them in mahogany, white, black, and even ivory colour.

Travel Jewellery Case

If you are a passionate traveler, then this is a must-have for you. Keeping your jewellery safe before you hit the road is crucial. You don’t want your precious necklace to get all tangled or damaged while tumbling in your bags. There are some really nice jewellery cases that won’t take much space of your luggage. The best thing is that you can choose according to your needs. Some might take more, some less, but be sure that there are some really nice boxes that will suit everyone’s requirements.

Glass Jewellery Box – Brand New Collection

If you are after that contemporary style, the chances of you falling in love with these are huge. Also, when you are looking for a box that will fit perfectly in your feminine bedroom decor, then you should definitely check the glass jewellery boxes. They are so practical too because you can see the content of the box.

Kids Jewellery Box

Purchasing a box specially dedicated to keeping your kids’ jewellery is a very smart idea. Kids jewellery is smaller in size, and it might be damaged if kept in larger compartments. On the other hand, having a separate box for all the family members is a good opportunity for you to get organised.

Mirror Jewellery Box

When a simple thing such as a mirror is added, it immediately becomes a practical item. Ladies appreciate the presence of mirrors anywhere because they can have a quick glance and fix their look. You can just grab the box, choose your piece of jewellery, and use the mirror to make sure that it looks flawless.