How to Enhance the Lighting of Your Home



Lights have been used to add ambiance to space and create a welcoming atmosphere since time immemorial. In addition, they are among the elements that can help to reveal an individual’s personality. However, many homeowners still find it daunting to decorate with lights without making mistakes. It’s possible to get an option that matches your budget, taste and existing decor. Here are some tips to beautify your home with lights.  

  • . Allow natural light in your home

Natural lights come with mood-boosting properties and can alleviate the symptoms of depression. Homeowners that have discovered this always ensure that they allow sunlight to enter their home via the skylights, doors, and windows. Taking this step is an effective way to make your rooms look bigger and reduce energy costs. Another option is to invest in flameless candles which are far safer than the regular ones.

  • . Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are now an important element in home decoration. They can be used in every room as an accent piece or to serve as the focal point. Mirrors are ideal for small spaces and have the ability to reflect light, thereby illuminating rooms effectively. You can choose from different shapes and sizes. Some homeowners even paint mirrors to improve their look.   

  • . Install dimmer controls

Dimmers control can come in handy to control the intensity of your light fixtures. Users also have the opportunity to customize them depending on the mood they intend to create and the function of the space. Confirm that the ones you buy will work seamlessly with the lighting of your home. It’s better to opt for LED light bulbs as they can be dimmed.

  • . Maximize mobile apps

Several people are making their homes smarter through connected devices and automation. The latest technology offers us the means to control our garage doors, programmable thermostats, and light fixtures remotely. This is the best way to improve security whether you’re home or away. The mobile apps for controlling lights have different features that include setting timers. Consider getting motion sensing lights for your outdoors.    

  • . Select energy efficient bulbs

It’s high time to replace all the outdated light fixtures with energy efficient models in your home. The latter has a longer lifespan than the former and can help reduce annual energy bills. Remember to change the light switch too as you take this step. The first thing to look out for when buying bulbs is the Energy Star label. Make sure that you choose the right type for each room.  

  • 6. Consider layering lights

Our need for light increases as we advance in age. According to the experts, each room should have at least these three types of light:  

  • Ambient light which is designed for lighting an entire room.
  • Task light for handling tasks such as cooking, reading, and grooming.  
  • Accent lights that are just meant for decoration.

It goes without saying that there are exceptions. For instance, installing an excess overhead light in a media room will only lead to more glares on the screens. The best thing is to allow such rooms to have access to natural light and add task lights.