How to coordinate jewelry with your outfit?

The role of jewellery is to emphasize feminine beauty and its strengths. In order to fulfil its role effectively, the jewellery should harmonize with the clothing, otherwise it may ruin the carefully prepared stylization. To avoid disappointments, it is advisable to learn some tips that will help you choose silver or gold jewellery for your outfit.

  1. Jewellery for work
  2. Jewellery for evenings
  3. Selection of jewellery to match the type of neckline
  4. Gold or silver jewellery?

Jewellery for work 

Modesty jewellery is highly recommended for work. It should be in a classic style which does not catch too much attention. Its aim is to complete the outfit, not to highlight it too much. For example, you can wear delicate chains or small earrings. During the day, it is better to select silver jewellery and avoid gold one. Silver jewellery matches perfectly simple and official outfits.

Jewellery for evenings

Other rules for the selection of jewellery are applied when it comes to evening outfits, for example when you go to a disco or for a party – there you should shine! This is the time when you can afford extravagance and wear shiny jewellery as well as tennis chain – The GLD Shop if you want to. In the evenings you may also wear long earrings, shiny bracelets with precious or simple stones, for example zirconia which looks great in the light of disco lights.

Selection of jewellery to match the type of neckline

The neckline should be decorated with jewellery regardless of whether it is an evening dress or everyday outfit. If you have a V-shaped neckline, it is worth choosing a necklace with a similar outline. If you wear sleeveless clothes, you may wear neck-hugging necklaces. The lack of a neckline requires to wear heavier jewellery and when you select turtle-neck, you may easily put on a long necklace, such as tennis chain – The GLD Shop that will not only match your outfit but will also give it a unique look. Nevertheless, if you have a short neck you can extend it optically putting on various necklaces or earrings. An excellent choice will be a delicate and silver chain (it is important that it does not cling to the neck like a collar) or a longer pendant, for example with an ethnic motif.

Gold or silver jewellery?

It is a pretty hard question. However, the majority of women claim that silver jewellery is more adequate to be worn every day, while gold jewellery suits for special occasions or evening dresses. It is obvious that it is an individual matter. Some women like to wear only silver pieces of jewellery making only exception when they put on white gold. On the other hand, there are some ladies that cannot imagine their outfit without wear shiny and yellow gold. However, there is a simple rule – when your outfit is shiny – wear a modest jewellery and when your outfit is casual and you want to make it special, put on more decorative jewellery but it may be also a casual one, for example tennis chain – The GLD Shop.

Jewellery is an important element of every outfit. If you know how to match it with your outfit – you are a master. If you still do not know how to do it, it is the highest time to learn it. However, it is worth to start from this article and apply the rules next time when you go to work or for a party.