How to Buy Luxury Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are a simple pieces of fabric. But in the world of luxury bedding, they’re anything but typical. To be considered worth shelling out serious money on, sheets have to offer a high-quality design, excellent durability and longevity, and most importantly- luxurious comfort that elevates sleeping above all else.

With materials ranging from pure cotton to cool bamboo or even down alternative feathers, it can be hard to know what type of luxury bedding best suits your needs – especially if you’re not shopping for yourself but instead for someone else on your list. There are many options to sort through, but to help you get on the right track with your luxury bedding shopping, here are a few things to keep in mind before you think about buying luxury sheets.

1. The material (and feel) of the sheets will vary from other luxury items. In addition to being pricier than the average blanket or quilt, sheets will differ from mass-produced bedding in terms of both softness and durability. Luxury bed sheets are usually made with 100% Egyptian cotton, but that doesn’t mean they’ll feel like cotton, no matter what fabric they’re made from. Instead, each material will have its unique characteristics regarding touch and feel. In addition, most luxury bedding items are made with a coating (like cotton, silk, or wool) that can affect how the sheets feel against your skin.

2. The pricing is usually higher than standard sheets and blankets. While no one should expect to pay a fortune for their sheets, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get your money’s worth out of the price either- primarily if you work in retail or don’t have a lot of disposable income hanging around. But that doesn’t mean paying for a luxury bedding item is bad. The most expensive sheets are still cheaper than many other types of luxury items, especially in fashion.

3. Look for a high thread count. Thread count might not be the perfect metric to measure sheets (since quality cotton will stretch over time), but it can give you an idea of how the sheet was made and whether it will last through multiple washes and years of use. A higher thread count usually means that the sheet was made with more threads per square inch, which equals more durability.

4. sheet setsvs. individual sheets. While you can find luxury sheets sold individually, the most common way to purchase and then use luxury bedding is through a set. You might want to ask how many people will be using the sheets before deciding if a single or king-size bed sheet is suitable for your needs. A single sheet may be needed if it’s just one person. If you have multiple people using the same bed, consider a full or king sheet set instead – so everyone can have their duvet and pillowcase at hand (which is part of what makes luxury bedding so unique).