How to Buy Custom Suits for Women

If you’ve been around anytime since the dawn of celebrity Ellen DeGeneres’ big debut of her own show, one can notice (both men and women alike) that there is one thing they can’t deny. She always has great suits! Even if she’s wearing pants that are somewhat tacky with a pin-stripe jacket, she always seems to have the perfect fit going for her. But how does she do it? Well, she uses a custom tailor, such as the one that we’ll talk about later, to make her bespoke suits. If you’re in New York, there are a lot of businesses where women are running the playing field, and it is important that you have the utmost professionalism and one of the symbols of empowerment is having the right suit custom tailored for you.

What Does a Bespoke Suit Represent?

Bespoke suits represent a lot of things. Some people have common misconceptions and believe it means money, power, and other things that can be taken the wrong way. Fortunately, custom suits like this actually stand for the utmost quality and well-constructed. It represents that you yourself take pride in the quality that you represent, and all that you do. It is much better in terms of quality than just a custom-tailored regular suit that’s already made, although you can have this done at some of the finest tailors for women as well.

How Easy is It to Get a Custom-Tailored Suit for Women?

Getting a suit is pretty easy, but if you get a bespoke suit, you may want to take more time in getting the suit made from scratch to get the ultimate fit. However, the process isn’t difficult at all.

Of course, you want to first go to your tailor and get your fitting appointment scheduled. When you do, you’re going to be in for a big surprise. Women’s bodies are a lot different than men’s, and they take a lot more precision to capture every single measurement from head to toe that you’ll have. They’ll utilize every single nook, cranny, and curve of your contour, and then they’ll fly around you with a measuring tape making you wonder what they’re doing. Once they have all of the measurements (which you’ll notice them jotting down while they measure you), you’ll be able to pick the material that you want for your suit.

You’ll then pick your material, mention your style, and then leave without a trace. However, in the meantime, your tailor will be hard at work and want to schedule a fitting appointment with you. Come in, check the garment, and then make sure you have everything just the way you like it. When you try on your suit the first time, don’t hesitate to be picky. You have an image to represent. This is the part that takes the longest, but it’s the most crucial, and in the end you’ll have a suit fit for a queen of comedy!


In New York, there’s only one tailor that’s making waves in the industry for making both custom tailored suits like Ellen Degeneres suits, as well as bespoke suits for women (they also cater to men too, don’t worry). For all of your best professional clothing needs, don’t hesitate to visit The Tailory New York.