How Online Shopping Effect Cheryl Glavor

Online shopping has the taken the whole idea of shopping to a new direction. Online shopping means shopping through a website where the products you’re choosing would be delivered to you at home. So, that you don’t have to go physically go to the shop and buy the product. Online purchase has made shopping easier. You don’t need to go to the market and go to every store to get your desired thing. But online you can browse as much as you want to without the pressure of buying anything.

How the online shopping works

Online shopping is a form of e-commerce. In this method people buy products of their choice through browsing websites of the particular brands or by using a web engine directly from the seller. That’s why it is more secure because the products are coming from the sellers directly. In the internet people choose a particular thing of their choice which is shown by different shopping search engines under different price points so that the consumer can choose its preferable item. Consumers can shop from technical devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphones. Cheryl Glavor has said one in one of her interviews that she loves shopping online because it is easy and time saving.

Online shopping enables someone to choose whatever they wanted to in the search option. The customers must have internet connection and a secure payment option. Most of the time, the customers have to pay online through credit card or debit card or other payment service options. For the physical products like clothes, books or electronic items the e-retailer send it by post at their residence or wherever they want it to be received. And for digital files like song or online books, they send it via e-mail. The largest of these shopping retailers are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc.

The growing popularity of online retailers are eroding the conventional stores. Previously BestBuy was the largest retailer of US. The recent survey say that two third of the whole Americans have bought from Amazon in recent days. has the largest share in the e-commerce business in US as about 40% od Americans are buying from each month.

There are almost 242 million shopping online in China. In the developing countries and low income households of developed countries the online purchase is restricted because of the lack of internet connection.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of purchasing online is that it is available 24×7 where the conventional stores are open only at a particular time. You can shop from wherever you are. Be it your office or home or any convenient place where there is a good internet connection. Even some cafes provide good and secure internet connection. Nowadays some retailers have started pick up options where the customers can pick up the product from the nearby places where the purchase has already been done.

But with the good sides of online purchase, there are some disadvantages also. Most of the time there is a chance of fraud products or services. Most of the times the measurements cannot be understood so there can be a high chance of ordering the wrong thing based on internet measurements. Also sometimes the retailers send wrong products. These are the consequences that the customers have to face.