History Of Pepper Spray And Its Benefits

Chili peppers were farmed in ancient China long before “TASER” devices or firearms as defensive and offensive deployment. Chili peppers are farmed since the ancient times.

Dating back to 2300 BC, China, enemy tunnels across the battlefield were bombed using a mixture of chilli peppers, mustard, and other toxic vegetable oil to conquer over the enemies.

A record from 5th Century BC scripted that during Peloponnesian war Sparta surrounded an Athenian city and mixture of wood, pitch and sulfur were used to drive the enemy away.

In Mexico, chillies were used as early as 7000 BC, and peppers were cultivated as early as 5500 BC.

Japanese used chillies with the Shogun Samurai Warrior in combat. One of the weapons of Ninja was “pepper egg. “ The pepper eggs were made from cayenne pepper (herbs and spices) into rice papers. Hot ingredients and spices were used to distract the enemy and get vanished from that place.

Ninja used peppers in many ways, some examples are:

  • Disguise him/her before the attack.
  • As a distraction to escape from the opponents.
  • They used to blind the opponents when they are out at the open and vulnerable to attack.

History also says about chilli powders to be used for torturing purposes as well as treatment purposes.

In World War I, human-made toxic bombs came into being which was mustard gas, tear gas, toxic phosgene and chlorine gas. Only 4% recorded deaths in that war.

Adolf Hitler got blinded for sometimes by toxic gas in the World War II and was hospitalized. After that, he banned the use of bombs in battlefields, though still, he used carbon monoxide in the concentration camps.

Today too personal pepper spray is used for self-defence by many people around the world.

Benefits of pepper spray

  • There are a lot of benefits of pepper sprays, the most important of them being its use in self-defense.
  • They are quite cheap and yet very effective. They now come disguised as regular use items like lipsticks, deodorant bottles, key rings and so on. You might think what can such a small thing do, but they actually pack quite a punch.
  • Pepper spray is a weapon that is legal in most countries and easily available. What’s more, it is very easy to use as well.
  • These sprays come in various sizes and potencies so you can pick and choose.