Here is a Simple Guide to Eco-friendly Gifting

Taking a sustainable approach at every step has become very necessary in today’s time. And, this applies to your gifting choices too. Buying gifts is a great opportunity to indulge yourself in mindful purchases. Things can get exciting if you choose to go with eco-friendly gifts. The recipients will also be happy to see the handpicked gifts from your side. 

So, if you are running short on gifting ideas, here are some tips and advice on how to make it eco-friendly.

Focus on quality over quantity

You do not need to buy a lot of gifts to make somebody happy. The smallest yet thoughtful gifts are enough to brighten someone’s day. You can spend less time shopping and picking more thoughtful and quality gifts, which will help you save money too. They will last longer than usual and will contribute less towards waste generation. The recipients will also be happy and will appreciate your gift.

Shop locally or through sustainable online sellers

When you are buying a gift, you have the opportunity to help two people. The person you are gifting it to and the person you are purchasing it from. You should take a moment to analyze which small businesses you should be buying from in order to help and support them. You should take the initiative of finding at least one new small business or a sustainable online business to procure the gifts. Such gifts will prove to be beneficial for both the parties.

Pick experience gifts

You can pick experience gifts rather than picking common commercial items. Experience gifts can be in the form of hampers and gift baskets. These will be filled with green products that generate zero-waste and promotes eco-friendliness.  Such gifts come packed in sustainable or biodegradable packings that help reduce waste production. These hampers can be customized as per your gifting needs. 

Check the wrapping materials

In order to be ecologically-conscious while gifting, you must pay attention to gift wraps that can account for huge pollution. No gift wrap looks pretty lying in a landfill. Therefore, pick the wrapping papers which can be recycled or which are biodegradable in nature. You can also go with reusable gift boxes and bags that can be used further for other purposes.

Choosing Zero Waste Hero eco-friendly products means you care for your planet earth and want to create awareness about sustainable gifting options. Take the first step towards greener environment today!