Here Are 5 Details Rolex Replica Watches Can Never Mimic

Connoisseurs claim that there are more fake Rolex than the real ones existing in the world. This is scary, for it cranks up the possibilities of one being handed over a counterfeit version.

The best way to fend off such a scenario is to buy the Rolex from authentic and reputed dealers and avoid getting it from online, unverified stores. Else you will likely end up with one of rolex replica watches, whining after your lost mint on the deal.

Know them here:

  • Weight counts: Rolex is a luxury watch brand. Thus, whatever material it employs to forge the product is always high quality. Unlike the knockoffs, it is created from top-quality metals that give it weight. Rolex always feels heavy. Does the one in your hand feel light? If yes, do a runner. It’s a replica.
  • Stuttering second-hand: The hand movements of an authentic watch are buttery smooth with no stutter and hitches. While this is not the case in Rolex copies, second-hand seems to stutter and make a tik-tok sound.
  • The craft of crown: High-quality metal used in fashioning Rolex allows intricate detailing of its height, whereas that of a fake one would either be plain, brushed off, or poorly done.
  • Twist the crown: Spinning the crown of Rolex is smooth and effortless, while those spinoffs offer a grating and rough experience. So, check its height and note its rotation.
  • Crispy & big date: A precise and magnified date is a hallmark of Rolex, which uses convex glass. Stroke the crystal glass of the watch, and note if it is bumpy and convex to touch. If yes, then the look is genuine. The convex lens, also called cyclops fitted therein, magnifies the date by 2.5 times, making it easier to spot. On the contrary, brushing the glass of a fake rolex green submariner replica watch will feel flat, and the date would not be crisp.
  • Model & Serial Number: Each piece of Rolex has a serial number and model number etched on the inside of the dial. Look for it near the 6 o’clock label in recent models of the Rolex. The credentials are finely engraved in a real one while it is reckless in rolex replica watches.

Although fake Rolex brands are close to heels in copying the luxury item, still they miss out terribly in imitating several details. Further, you ought to watch out for the signs in the watch to differentiate one from the other.