Hen Party Rules to Follow

The hens night is an opportunity to go crazy on the last day of freedom but even freedom needs to be controlled. While you have a lot of fun, there are some ground rules you should follow to ensure that no one gets hurt and the wedding will still go on as planned.

Rule #1: Do Not Hurt the Bride

You may think the bride should take a lot of shots and go crazy on that day, but all that needs to be regulated. A bride with a bandage on her head because of a fight she got into in the club is not exactly the stamp of fun. While you go crazy, always ensure the bride is safe for that matter, everyone else at the hens night needs to remain safe.

Rule #2: Don’t Become a Nuisance

Yes, it is a fun night and you are having fun but remember you are in a public place and other people are also trying to have their fun. Being too loud or dancing on tables in a restaurant may get you thrown out.

Rule #3: Plan in Advance While You are Still Sober

Sometimes you may think spontaneity is best, but not all the time. For a successful party, you will need to plan in advance. Order the hens night supplies early so that you do not find yourself running around town at the last minute looking for supplies.

Rule #4: Don’t Post Compromising Photos

Resist the urge to share photos that may cause embarrassment to anyone. A bachelorette party can get really crazy but what happens there should remain there unless it is agreed that it can be shared.

Rule #5: Stay Together

Do not wander off from the pack. There is safety in numbers and if you have been drinking, you need to be safe. Stay where everyone is and leave the exploration of unfamiliar surroundings for another day.