Helpful tips when choosing toys for 1 year old

Toddlers are little wanderers who grasp by doing. The play offers your child an excellent opportunity to practice and develops new skills at her pace by following her distinct interests. The game and 1 year old toys your child can form her development in a lot of ways. While it may seem like picking toys for toddlers should be easy, as you visit a toy store, the only thing that’s unchallenging is feeling overwhelmed. There is a broad array of toys that have been created for the toddler market.

Turning 1 is a necessary huge birthday for a baby, yet it’s also a big milestone for the proud parents who are watching their kiddos gain new skills. This makes shopping the toys for 1-year-olds extra exciting and special. When it comes to gifts, kiddos aren’t picky, sometimes they are more excited by the packaging. Others have started to develop their personalities, preferences, and abilities. You can set your child years of fun by investing in the right gifts and toys.

Discover the best toys for 1-year-olds

Toys with various textures that invite small hands and mouths to grab and check are great choices. This age is a great time to invest in items for keepsakes that will remain special as they grow. Below are some of the best toys appropriate for your 1-year-olds.

Modern Alphabet Affirmation Flash Cards

  • It’s never too early to begin affirming your kids, that is exactly what these exciting flashcards are for. Aside from being an inspiration, flashcards are an enjoyable way to learn the letters of the alphabet.

TouchThinkLearn: ABC

  • It is a series by Xavier Deneux, you can gift your favorites and these books are constructed beautifully. Each page has embossed areas and is super thick.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Piano

  • For a more traditional musical instrument, you may consider the magic touch piano from Baby Einstein. You only need to tap the colored keys to create your melodies or play classic tunes, it is an ideal way for parents and babies to play together.

Crayola My first palm grip crayons

  • 1-year-olds want to create art aside from music, especially if they see huge siblings painting or drawing. Yet, most art supplies aren’t suitable for tiny less-than-deft hands.

Toy Skwish color burst grasping activity toy

  • Engaging sensory toys make amazing stroller accessories since they can soothe a bored baby when you’re stuck on the subway or line. These squishy bead toys will stimulate their motor-skill and hold their attention.

Boon pipes building bath toy set

  • Playing with an amazing toy in the bath turn into a learning moment.  It allows children to fill and arrange the tubes with water. It is ideal for your toddlers since it is much more entertaining.