Health impacts of vaping – Why is it considered safer and healthier than smoking?

There are several laboratory tests done throughout the world which reaffirm the idea that vaping can be safer than smoking. With the electronic cigarettes gaining momentum in the market for more than a decade now, there are several people who have been experiencing positive impacts on their health after they took to vaping and ditched smoking. As per a survey that was conducted in 2015, people who took to vaping feel healthier and safer.

If you’re someone who has been a smoker through several years of his life and is now thinking of ditching smoking, you should first go through the reviews at so that you get to know what the other users say about it. Here are few points to note on vaping.

Vaping can reduce health issues related to smoking

A survey was done among smokers who had switched to vaping and they were asked whether or not they witnessed any kind of relief from the smoking related health conditions. The few conditions that were listed were respiratory issues, hypertension, and complications in heart, cancers and few others. It was concluded that e-cigs have positive and drastic health impacts on those who were able to successfully ditch smoking and take to vaping.

Few ex-smokers who had been vaping for the last 3 years were 98% less likely to suffer from health issues than those who still continued smoking. Keeping in mind the evidence that e-cigs help the ex-smokers to ditch tobacco, it can be safe to say that vaping plays a vital role in letting people become healthier.

High blood pressure and smoking – Does it reduce by vaping?

There is no denying the fact that smoking is related to different kinds of health risks like damaging your blood cells, your cardiovascular system and your heart. It also adds to hypertension and heightens the risk of trauma and building up of blocks in the arteries. The plaque that is build up in the heart leads to irregular heartbeat, heart diseases, heart attacks and even deaths.

As per a relevant study, it was proved that e-cigarettes have the power to wean away smokers from nicotine and they even reduce heart issues and hypertension. Quitting tobacco can lead to a long-term decline in blood pressure and also leads to an improvement in your health. Moreover, they don’t have any adverse health impacts which damage your heart.

Therefore, before you make the switch, try to go through the customer reviews so that you may have a clear idea of what you’re going to opt for.