Handy Gives Advice for Increased Work Productivity

It can be hard to feel like you’re always the most productive at work when you consistently get thrown with new projects on top of your already long schedule, or when you are called in to meetings unexpectedly. Sometimes you may feel as though you need alone or quiet time to do your best at work. If you want to be brilliant at your job, then take a few important tips from the Handy professionals. The folks at Handy are pros at this since they are often jumping from one job to another. From cleaning your floors to assembling new furniture, all on a tight schedule, they have garnered some wise tips for you.

  1. In the North American work environment, most people eat their lunches at their desks in front of the computer—hurrying to finish that extra task to get on top. However, the number of hours you work in a day isn’t indicative of how well your work is. That’s why many startups and larger firms such as P&G who understand the importance of quality over quantity have begun to shift their mindset, however this is an uphill battle all the same. The more breaks you take, the better your mind can function on the tasks ahead, says Handy experts.  
  2. Meetings are a great time sucker, that’s something that everyone working in an office environment knows by now. In fact, a study done by Atlassian has found that employees get sucked into over 31 unnecessary and unproductive meetings a lot. It’s about time where you need to give a polite “no” to requests for meetings. State how you are working on a timely project and would much prefer to deal with the issue over e-mail.
  3. As proposed by a Handy worker who is in charge of cleaning homes, multitasking is not a thing you should put on your CV. It is all an illusion, and you should merely focus on one task at a time to ensure the greatest amount of productivity.