Gift Ideas for St Patrick’s Day

About St Patrick’s Day

17 March is St Patrick’s Day. Based on historical accounts, St Patrick was born in Roman Britain. At the age of 16 years, he was captured and sent to Ireland to be an indentured labourer. He got his escape but retuned to Ireland to convert the people to Christians.

17 March is the date which St Patrick died, that is also the day people around the world commemorate this event. Before he died, he had established many religious institutions and schools that explain the reason Ireland hold this day more for the religious aspect compared to other countries.

St Patrick’s day is widely observed in the United States with less focus on the spiritual characteristic. One of the common explanations is that when the immigrants settled in the United States, they have converted the day to a more secular event – it has become more of an event to celebrate the interesting and fun Irish culture. This is also the time when some people will bring gifts to their family or friend’s house with a party on the day.

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Gift Ideas for St Patrick’s Day

At an Irish party, it is appropriate to exchange some related gifts. Hence, when you are finding St Patrick Day gifts,  you are have to be certain to get something that matches the occasion. The most distinguishable feature of St Patty’s day is definitely the color green. In addition, people usually wear shamrocks (the official plant of Ireland), green accessories or clothing. St Patricks was thought to use the 3 leaved plant of the shamrock throughout his time in Ireland.

On what to consider for finding the appropriate gift for the recipient, you can think about if the present is something as a décor, a practical item which he or she can use or something to wear. Based on the profile and likes of the recipient, there are relevant gifts that you can get. For instance, if you are going to your girlfriend’s party and need to find St Patrick’s day gift ideas for her which she can wear, consider getting shamrock designed earrings or green scarves. If she likes to cook, why not consider a green apron. If the gift is for a male, a funny T-shirt with the famous leprechaun (another popular symbol related to this occasion) or a drinkware are certainly that you can buy.

For kids, there are several dresses or toys which are inspired by leprechaun or shamrock. Children will be delighted to dress up for the occasion or bring along their newest toys to the parade.  If you want to celebrate together as a family, why not get T-shirts that have similar design for both adult and children? This is surely a great time for family bonding.


All in all, St Patrick’s day has become not only a religious event in Ireland but also a widely celebrated holiday in many other countries. It is a day of fun, feasting and bonding with friends and family.