Get A Wood Murphy Bed In Chino Hills

Chino Hills is known to offer a high quality of life in a beautiful rural atmosphere. There is great shopping and great food. It’s also the perfect place for a wood Murphy Bed. In fact, Wilding Wallbeds’ wood Murphy Bed in Chino Hills showroom has 18 of them on display.

Wilding Wallbeds Is Your Wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills Supplier

California is a popular destination for anybody planning a vacation. Many people even have vacation properties in California. Whether it is the ocean, amusement parks, catching a show or anything else — California has it. For anybody with a vacation property, an Airbnb, or just wanting to visit, there is one piece of multifunctional furniture that is a must have.

Vacation homes are typically more compact than traditional homes. What better way to increase your space than with a wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills. There is no better way to utilize room space during the day and still have a full size bed available when you are ready to go to sleep.

Wilding Wallbeds is proud to furnish Chino Hills area homes and vacation homes with the highest quality wood Murphy Beds on the market. As your wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills supplier, Wilding Wallbeds guarantees that Murphy Beds will stand the test of time.

If you are looking for furnish a vacation home or even spare room in Chino Hills, you have come to the right place. Wood Murphy Beds Chino Hills make great space savers and are an affordable way to add extra beds to your home. And if you have a rental home, it is very important to have durable furniture for your renters. Plus, Wilding Wallbeds can deliver and install your wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills. You’ll never have to visit a regular wall bed furniture store again!

Wilding Wallbeds products are comprised of the most cutting edge technology available in the wood Murphy Bed industry. Our beds have been designed into everyday furniture that nobody would expect. This includes home office desks, bookshelves, entertainment centers, cabinets and more. The Wilding Wallbeds product line is made up of a large variety of wall bed models. And they are all customizable through various styles, sizes, colors and designs. This makes it a certainty that our customers will find something that will be a perfect fit for the style and layout of their home.

You can trust the highly trained staff at Wilding Wallbeds to help you select the perfect product for your needs. We are your premier wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills supplier and we can create the perfect multifunctional piece of furniture just for you! Here’s a quick look at 4 of them.

Wood Murphy Beds Chino Hills

Bookcase Wallbed: This is a great wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills for anybody who would love to own a beautiful bookcase that could also function as a bed. The bookcase is available in two varieties — the standard bookcase and the bi-fold bookcase. They are the same width, but the bi-fold option has four columns of shelving instead of just two. It is available in a variety of woods, stains and finishes. And if you want to take it to another level, add lighting to your bookcase. The Bookcase Wallbed is a piece of art that comes fully tailored to your personality and fully functional for your guests.

Newport Murphy Bed: This wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills is part of the most economical line of beds. That doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful! Beadboard really brings out the beauty of this bed. Beadboard is solid wood panels with evenly spaced grooves — giving the bed a texture unlike the other wood Murphy Bed Chino Hills models. It is available in a variety of woods, stains and finishes. You can also upgrade the bed with a beautiful set of cabinets that are stained to match perfectly.

Remington Murphy Bed: The Remington is a beautiful wall bed with a spring lift system. This system makes is super easy to pull down when you’re ready to use the bed and just as easy to put back up when you are done. It is available in Oak, Alder, Cherry, Maple or Mahogany. You also have the option for this bed to be side mounted — it is in a horizontal position when it is put away, instead of vertical.

Brittany Wallbed: This beautiful bed comes with an option for crown or square molding. Do you want an elegant look (crown) or something more modern (square)? You’ll love the locking leg mechanism that keeps the bed locked into the upright position. This bed isn’t coming down unless both legs are moved. It’s the perfect safety feature — especially if there are kids around. Another great feature is the option for a drop down table that attaches to the face of the bed. It’s a great-looking and durable addition. The Brittany is available in lots of woods, stains and finishes.