Fun Balloon Flower Bouquet or Classic Rose Bouquet? The Perfect Flowers For Every Occasion

A flower bouquet is a perfect gift for so many occasions. Nothing can lift the spirits more than an arrangement of beautiful blooms. But while a rose bouquet from Singapore deserves all the praise for its beauty, we should appreciate other flowers too, and how they can be perfect for all sorts of events.

This list will show you all the best blooms you can add to your bouquet for every occasion.


If you’re celebrating a loved one’s milestone, graduation flowers from Singapore are a perfect gift for them! Send them a bouquet to hold during picture taking at the graduation ceremony. You can use daisies as a focal flower for your graduation bouquet. The daisy symbolises innocence, purity, and new beginnings—perfect for a fresh graduate! You can also make your gift more fun and memorable by getting a balloon flower bouquet instead.

Funeral or Wake

Funeral bouquets are a beautiful way to show respect to a departed friend or family member. If you’re going to a funeral to support a friend in grieving, you can also give them condolence flowers from Singapore to show your love. White flowers are the standard for condolence bouquets. Orchids often symbolise pure love, beauty, and toughness. Similarly, hydrangeas symbolise sincere emotion, gratitude, and deep understanding. White lilies also symbolise the rejuvenation of the soul.


A birthday flower bouquet can make your loved one feel loved and appreciated by you on their special day! For birthday bouquets, it’s good to use flowers the recipient likes the most. It shows you’ve been paying attention to the little things, like their likes and dislikes. If you don’t know their favourite flower, you can use sunflowers, which symbolises positivity, strength, devotion, and loyalty.

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