Five Must-Have Shoe Styles For Your Wardrobe

Women’s fashion can be both fun and complicated at the same time. Indeed, there is always lots of styles to choose from, not to mention all of the different designers and brands.  This is certainly true of all the different types of shoes available.  That in mind, lets take a look at five Yvonne Marie shoe styles that every woman should have in her closet (and maybe also how to wear them).


A classic black pump is definitely a must have for any wardrobe.  These can go with your work outfit and can easily transition to a night on the town.  You can dress them up with a flirty dress or dress them down with jeans.  Of course, you can choose from a variety of colors (and always make sure your belt matches it, of course).


Not only are sneakers totally on trend (do they ever go out of style?) they are easily the most comfortable shoe you can wear.  Fortunately, they pair well with just about any outfit. Of course, you may need a couple different types of this casual shoe to really accommodate different pieces, but the sneaker can be a simple, dressed-down go-to for a cute little black dress or with a casual weekend errand-running outfit (complete with sling bag and messy hair bun).  Remember that Converse All-stars and any type of cross trainer both qualify as “sneakers.”


While the do not necessarily work in all climates and at all times of the year, this footwear is essential for casual days running errands but also for recreational days at the beach or the park. Obviously better for hot summers—with open toes and all—you can find them with lots of modifications to go with any type of outfit.


The perfect blend of comfort and style, ballet flats can be suitable for a day at the office as well as a night on the town.  Simple and subtle you can play with different colors and textures to get the look just right.


Moving in the opposite direction, every woman needs at least one pair of decent boots, particularly if you live in an area where the winter is a little harsh.  Much like a classic pump, boots can go with almost any outfit depending, of course, on the style, height, color, and material.