Finer Deals in Promotional Pens for You Now

At this time of year all HRs are busy organizing Christmas parties and searching for new ideas for corporate gifts. There are really many variants now, but which will really please your employees? We understand the dilemma of HRs – corporate gifts and gifts should be interesting and original, at the same time limited by a certain budget. They should also like younger and older employees, and family and non-dependents, which have different needs and preferences. If they are suitable for both men and women, that is, unisex gifts then it is important to be practical, up-to-date and consistent with the philosophy and vision of the company. It would be great if you could integrate the company logo or message, and at the same time be ready and in time to get the employees of the Christmas party of the company. And the hardest is the boss approving them. Starting from the promotional water bottles to what not? The deals are always there.

There are a few rules when choosing Christmas gifts for colleagues that we are sure you know 🙂 but we will still remind you. There are mistakes in the fasting before the holidays.

Never give your colleagues:

Gifts are in pink, bright red and their shades, a combination of red and black that can be associated with some erotic subtext. The red in this case can be compromised because it is the official color of Christmas. But then the gifts themselves must be absolutely neutral so as not to be interpreted as an attempt to hint.

Here you step on thin ice, especially if it is a big company with a name that keeps its good reputation. Managers of such companies, especially foreign ones, are extremely scared of scandals and trouble at their address.

Be careful not to write your eyebrows, do not remove request to leave. Red in Christmas corporate gifts combine with green, brown, and white. This is a classic; there are no mistakes and ambiguities. Red corporate gifts cannot be combined with lace, especially black, and any other materials and materials that could spark a discussion between your colleague and her husband at home. The use of the promotional plastic pens happens to be important here also.

Appetizers, local delicacies or whole piglets

For some of us, this can be fun in the joke, but for others it is a good idea to take care of the employees’ Christmas table. Especially if the company is engaged in such a business, why not delight its employees with a beautifully decorated basket of selected appetizers? That’s why – many people nowadays choose to be vegetarian or even vegan. Others have to follow a particular diet. Do not let it, all your colleagues worked hard during the year and deserve gifts.

Gifts with a personal element

Discard any ideas like jewelry, perfumes, and more. The gift should be associated with the company and its philosophy, not with a particular person. If a company has a green policy, eco gifts from materials that do not pollute the environment, can be recycled and do not destroy or harm nature. Gifts that have any personal message are an own goal, so avoid them, even if they fit into the budget and become in time.