Fine Choices for the Best of Nehru Suits

A man in a good nehru suit looks solid, stylish and elegant. Today a huge selection of nehru suits is presented, there is the opportunity to choose a model for any weather and in any style. When it comes to buying a costume, we should first of all pay attention to the fabric. This is one of the most important points. The costume should be chosen not only for its excellent fit or luxurious appearance, but also for the fabric from which it was made.

Fabric selection

First of all, you should navigate in the list of manufacturers and determine the price category of fabric. There are many types of fabrics from which you can make a man’s nehru suits, but which one is best for the suit, largely depends on the purpose of the wardrobe, on your taste and professionalism of the tailor or the company that made the suit.


The best and only possible fabric for a men’s suit is woolen. Costumes from mixed fabrics are more budgetary and democratic, but if we talk about real quality, we should only talk about wool. The best wool for men’s suits is made in England, Australia, New Zealand.

Wool perfectly retains heat – in this area little can be compared with the material. Moreover, the tissues retain their body temperature, therefore, even in the summer heat, thin wool fabric keeps its cool better. Wool is characterized by amazing strength and durability. This is one of the most wear-resistant fabrics. Wool practically does not crease.

The disadvantages of wool:

  • high price
  • under the influence of water, the elongation of the fibers increases significantly – up to 50%

Woolen items require special care

Note that the modern textile industry has mastered the production of very thin woolen cloths with the effect of “cool wool”, which means “cool wool”. They not only do not “soar”, but pleasantly cool the body and are often used for sewing demi-season and summer business clothes.

To give new characteristics to woolen materials, synthetic or artificial fibers are added to them. Typically, polyester yarns are used as additives. Their content can range from 30 to 60% of the total mass of raw materials. In addition, viscose or nylon fibers are used to add shine and silkiness to fabrics.

With the addition of polyester yarns, woolen fabrics obtain new properties. Significantly increases their strength and durability, but the materials at the same time become more rigid.

Worsted fabrics for suits

Type of woolen fabric

Worsted materials are widely used in the clothing industry due to their high strength. Of these, different types of clothes are sewn: from suits to coats. The purpose depends on the thickness of the material and the spinning density.

The advantages of worsted fabrics include:

  • Crushing resistance
  • Lack of shrinkage
  • Good dimensional stability (keeps ironed folds and tucks)
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Do not require frequent wet-heat treatment
  • Quick and easy cleaning of products
  • If fibers predominate in the composition, then this positively affects the strength and durability of the fabric
  • A large assortment of wool blend fabrics, you can choose for every taste
  • Good breathability

Of the minuses, we can distinguish:

  • Increased flowability of threads
  • Fairly high shrinkage of woolen fabrics
  • If there are more than 50% synthetic fibers in the composition, the products will shine
  • Cashmere